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Yes! There are many ways to customize your own car but what is the best way to do it so that your car looks cool? You want your car look cool and you have the needed budget for all the accessories but what you need to do is find the best way to customize it. A car will still look ugly even lots of money have been spent. An old car can look unique as long as it has something that other cars don’t, for example, a cool air brush on the body. Here today we are going to share you some tips to design your own car in the best way with least money.

First of all, it is always the first impression – the body color and the outlook. A great car will shine your eyes with perfect body colors. Choose properly the color you prefer and try to use the stimulation online programs to see the car virtually. This can avoid any regrets. Choose some special and unique colors such as white pearl, black silica, silver metallic, hot chili red, orange metallic, or any color you think it is unique. If colors does not satisfied you enough, putting a nice airbrush on the body will make it outstanding. If you have seen how Tokyo drifters design their car with air brush, you will fall in love with it. Apart from body paint, eye-catching accessories including door handle, signal lamp cover, crystal-style headlamp, and customized front grille are something cannot be done without. Chrome accessory is a must especially classic car.

In order to make a car look distinctive, a set of cool sport wheels is a necessity. Many cool ready-made wheels are available in the market and you can easily get a set of four for your car. Advanti Racing, American Racing, ASA, Avarus, Axis, BBS, ENKEI, Kosei, Lorenzo, Reaction Alloys, Focal, Foose, Asanti, Motegi Racing, Sparco, DUB, and Ultra are a few famous brands that manufacture car wheels. The key to make a car look cool is to find the best wheel size. Too small make the car look ordinary while too big make it look ugly. A little offset will make it look unique too. On the other hand, you can look for custom wheel builders to build custom wheels for your car. A set of custom wheels will make your car look stunning.

Now you have settled the exterior, it’s time to move on to interior. It is odd that a car looks good from the outside but nothing special inside. Things will be easier if you have already had a theme you love in your mind. Some people love Harry Potter while some prefer Twilight. This is one way to customize your car interior by changing the seat cover, steering wheel, dashboard design, arm rest, head rest, gear knob, and pedal according to the theme you love. In a nutshell, five main things to customize your own car are body color, air brush, accessories, wheel, and interior.
customize car interior
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