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Funny Car License Plate Frames


The car you drive usually reflects your personality. Anyone can buy a Honda Civic but not everyone will customize the car in the same way. Among all sorts of customizations and modifications you can do to a car, one very inexpensive thing you can modify is a pair of funny car license plate frames. There are so many types of funny car license plate frames that can give you a good laugh. It takes only five minutes to customize your own car with a pair of affordable license plate frame. Laughter is the best medicine. Let’s see what the choices you have to give the best medicine to anyone who sees your car license plate.

License Plate with Expression

Right words on the license plate help you to express how you feel about your driving skills. Try some of this if you are about to…

funny car license plate frames

Funny License Plate for Other Drivers

Besides those car license plate frames with words that express what do you think, you can also go for some of these to tell other drivers what you think on the road.

license plate frame

Are you finding the best pranks to pull on cars? Try these funny car pranks and harmless car pranks. They would be the best car pranks you ever had.

Personalized Car License Plate Tag Frame

funny car license plate frames
If you have something to say on your own, why not get a personalized car license plate tag frame? You can put any words you want on the license plate frame either on the top, bottom or both. Get two different license plate frames and install it to the front and rear of your car. One Bugatti Veyron owner from Monterey California has a very funny car license plate frames, it reads ZR-1 For Lunch, Ferrari FOR DINNER.

Just in case if you are wondering how to find out who owns a car by the license plate number.