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Google self-driving car hit Nevada’s Street


Google Car

We have heard of Google robotic car that will drive itself years back and now it is no longer just a dream. Yesterday, Google self-driving car officially licensed in Nevada and it takes a blind man for spin. This blind man is legally pleased in the front passenger seat and he just let the Google car handles everything.

The Google car is a Prius with 100,000 miles on it. It is equipped with GPS, radar, radio sensors, Artificial Intelligence software, and video cameras to actually “see” the traffic as well as pedestrians. The rest of the vehicle parts are nothing special but just an ordinary Prius. It is driving all by itself at Nevada’s curviest road without hitting anything. The first blind man who sat in the Google self-driving car is 95% blind and he is far beyond legally blind. The Google car knows where to stop and where to turn base on Google maps and Google on-the-road images. There are no hands, no feet, and it is totally nothing. We are pretty sure this blind man had a great time in Google Car.

The license to this driverless car requires at least two humans to be in the car at all times, with one typically in the front seat ready to take over the control in case of emergencies. Earlier in spring, Google mentioned “safely completed over 200,000 miles of computer-led driving.” However, safety issues are still consumers’ biggest concern.

Google robotic car

Car manufacturers spent millions of dollars to develop a new car and have them to crash into walls to test the safety just to produce a reliable and safety car. Although the Google car does not have to crash into walls, it has costs billions of efforts to develop a robotic car or self-driving car like that. At least up till this stage Google has marked a new milestone for the automatic car project and this has allowed us to imagine the future roads with unlimited automatic cars. Well, there will be no more drivers flirting then.

The license for autonomous vehicle features new red plate and an infinity symbol and AU letters. These “test vehicles” could be on demonstrations again anytime on the road in Nevada. So Nevadians, stay tuned!