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Honda CRV problems


2012 Honda CRV
This page is a collection of all Honda CRV problems shared by CRV owners from around the world. Some problems are provided with solutions while some remains unsolved. Over the years, the 2007 Honda CRV received the most complaints especially wheels and hubs problems and electrical problems. If you own a Honda CRV and you would like to report a problems or share your experience, please contact us and we will have it include in this page. Now here is the list of reported common Honda CRV problems.

Model: 2012 Honda CRV
Problems: Rear hatch won’t open (Not a big problem)
Description: The rear hatch won’t open for sometimes and it seems like it is lock. I have to try it out few times.
Solution: Sent to the dealer and have the electric lock replaced.
Report By: Anonymous

Model: 2012 Honda CRV
Cons: Engine upgrade is not available, only a 2.4L four-cylinder available; Honda does not offer manual transmission for the 2012 model; Rear seats don’t slide fore and aft.
Report By: Edmunds

Model: 2011 Honda CRV
Problems: Air-conditioning (A/C) not working
Description: The other day when I am about to leave the gas station, a car came from behind in a very fast speed. I did not notice it and I step on the brake very hard to stop my car. My car speed at the time was about 20 mph. Since then, my AC is giving problem. The AC blower is still working but the air is hot and no cold air. I checked under the hood and found both fans are working.
Solution: I sent the car to a private mechanic which is also a friend of mine in Virginia. It took him only 10 minutes to diagnose the problem and another 5 minutes to replace a blown fuse. I do not know why this happened but thank god the solution is so simple and it cost me less than $50 including labor charge.
Report By: Cecilio, Virginia

Model: 2010 Honda CRV
Problems: The car is underpowered and lack of torque
Description: I’ve owned a Honda CR-V for almost a year. Overall, the car satisfied me with the interior design and spacious trunk. The only problem I have with the car is that it is seriously underpowered. The car is lack of torque when climbing up hill or to overtake cars in front.
Solution: What can I do except Honda make it better in the future?
Report By: Denver, Malaysia

Model: 2002 Honda CRV
Problems: Air conditioning malfunctions, engine and transmission problems.
Description: Leaking transmission fluid is one of the most common problems for Honda CR-V with automatic transmission.
Solution: Send the car back to dealer.
Report By: N/A

Model: 2001 Honda CRV
Problems: Vibrating Noise from the underneath
Description: First I would like to clarify that this was a used car, so I am not sure if the car has gone through any serious accident before. However, I can feel the loud vibrating noise and it seems coming out from the underneath.
Solution: It could be rubber boots, protectors, axle boots, tie rod boots, driveshaft, or bad bearing.
Report By: Twitch, United States

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The Honda CRV has gained its popularity in the late ‘90s when it was first introduced in the United States in 1997. With more 5 million units of CR-V sold over the last decades, majority CR-V owners are satisfied with the performance and design of the car although there are minority of owners experienced the uncommon Honda CRV problems. If you are still in dilemma choosing the right car, why not follow our step by step car buying guide to choose the right one?

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