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How to Make an Automatic Car Tires Spin


Now this is going to be an interesting driving skill to learn – how to make an automatic car tires spin. Once you have mastered the skill to spin car tires, you can do a burnout in any cars with automatic transmission. Generally, spinning car tires is all about sending some serious horsepower to the wheels of your car. If you have extra pocket money to burn tires, check out the step by step guide to spin an automatic car tires and perform a burnout.

How to Spin an Automatic Car

How to Make an Automatic Car Tires Spin
First of all, find a wide opening safe place before you begin the practice. Make sure you have plenty of room on either side just in case you are spinning out of the course. Make sure there are no lampposts, drains or big trees around.

Step 1: Switch off the traction control and shift the gear to D and drive the car in straight about 20-30 mph (30-50 km/h).

Step 2: Remove your foot from the gas pedal sharply and turn the steering wheel to your desired direction.

Step 3: Pull the e-brake (handbrake) for a second at the corner entrance and you will start feel the rear tires are spinning. In other words, you car will start go sideways.

Step 4: Release the steering wheel and go into counter steer mode. Gently start stepping on the gas if you feel the car is losing power. You can then do a drift.

Always remember to release the gas and step on the brake in case anything out of your control. See how to parallel park a car if it is a coup de grace for you. So, can you make an automatic car tires spin now? The answer is definitely yes.

How to Do a Burnout

Step 1: The entire point about burnout is to make the tires spin or slip. Thus, turn off the traction control of your vehicle.

Step 2: Put the car to first gear by shifting the gear selector to “D1”, “1”, “L” or “D”. See learning to drive an automatic car for more details.

Step 3: Engage the e-brake by holding the safety button with your thumb.

Step 4: Press the gas until the RPM is high enough to get the wheels spinning and slightly release the e-brake. Your car tire will start spinning and your car will crawl forward a little.

So, can you do a burnout with automatic car? Yes! See how to do a burnout for step by step guide to do a burnout with manual and automatic transmission cars regardless of FWD or RWD.

How to Drift an Automatic Car

Toyota Corolla AE86 drift cars
This step-by-step tutorial will give you a clue on how to drift an automatic car. It basically allows you to perform a donut drifting.

Step 1: The entire point about drifting is to make rear part of the car slip or go sideway. Therefore, turn off the traction control.

Step 2: Shift the transmission to first gear. It is usually D, D1, 1 or L. See learning to drive a car for more details.

Step 3: Turn the steering wheel all the way to one direction and step the gas hard to transfer most of the horsepower to the rear wheel. The rear tires will begin to lose traction and your car will start spinning donut. That’s known as donut drifting.

What if you failed to spin your car tires?

  • Burnout is all about burning rubber BUT NOT burning clutch. Make sure you don’t burn out your clutch if you are doing this for manual transmission cars. Normally, if your left foot step on the brake too hard will cause the clutch burns. See learning to drive a manual car for better understanding.
  • If you fail to spin your car tires, you can literally rip your car tire apart.
  • Additionally, as the car brake heats up, they could begin to burn. If the brake gets too hard they can literally catch on fire and cause significant damage to your car.

spin car tires

Tips to Spin Automatic Car Tires

Whether you are trying to make an automatic car tires spin or do a burnout, make sure you don’t do it for too long. 5 to 20 seconds is always an ideal timing depending on your car condition. Please remember that your car will be sitting still while you are running the engine very hard to perform a burnout. There won’t be any extra wind to cool down the engine like a normal driving because you are not traveling in high speed. When you are spinning your car tires or do a burnout, all the heat will be sitting under the hood therefore it is not recommended to keep doing it. Watch the temperature gauge closely and take a rest in between your burnout practice. Open YouTube and you can see there are many videos showing people try to do a burnout for too long and then the engine explode. Nobody wants that happen and make sure you make your car tires spin in a cool way. Last but not least, check out the tips, driving techniques and safety while driving in the rain.