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How to test a car battery (Video)


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This is a ~two-minute video showing you how to test a car battery using a car battery tester (voltmeter or volt gauge). The voltmeter has a digital reading and it comes with a universal car cigarette lighter power plug. Make sure you have left your car in the garage more than 12 hours if you want an accurate result.

Step 1: Locate your car cigarette lighter power socket.

Step 2: Connect the voltmeter to your cigarette lighter socket.

Step 3: Turn on the ignition.

Step 4: The first reading (not yet starts the car engine):

  • 12.60 V means the battery is 100% charged.
  • 12.35 V means the battery is 75% charged.
  • 12.10 V means the battery is 50% charged.
  • 11.95 V means the battery is 25% charged.
  • 11.70 V means the battery is discharged.

Step 5: Start the car engine. The reading should be in between 13.8 V and 14.4 V.

Step 6: More than 14.50 V means overcharging. More than 12.60 V means no charge.

The battery is needed to be replaced if the reading is lower than 11.0 V all the time.