How to Turn On Car Headlights
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How to Turn On Car Headlights


Learning how to turn on car headlights is an unavoidable step when you learn to drive a car. Although it is a simple thing, you still need to know how and when to turn the lights on. For example, during night time, dark days, heavy snow days, raining days or whenever visibility is low It is safer to drive with headlights on because other vehicle can notice your car. Follow the 4 easy steps below to turn on car parking lights and headlights.

4 Steps to Turn on Car Parking lights and Headlights

Generally, there is only 1 switch or control arm or button to turn on parking lights (also called running lights) and headlights. It takes you less than 3 seconds to turn on the lights.

Step 1: In order to switch on car lights, you need to locate the headlight controls. Most cars come with a control arm located near to the steering wheel. For most Mercedes-Benz models, it usually has a headlight control panels on the dashboard. Look for the headlight indicator symbol and you will be able to locate the control.

how to turn on car headlights

Step 2: A headlight control usually has three position: off, parking light and headlight. It should be off when the car is not in use. Leaving your car headlights on for a few hours will drain your car battery if the car is not in use. Therefore, always make sure you OFF it before you turn off the ignition.

car headlights symbol

Step 3: To turn on car headlight, switch the headlight control to parking light and then headlight according to the symbol near to the switch. Parking light is the second position and headlight is usually at the third position.

how to turn on car headlights

Step 4: If this is the first time you are driving the car, switch the headlight control to “Parking light” and get down from your car to check it. Do the same for headlight so that you know how your car’s headlight works.

car headlights on


  • A vehicle headlights and tail lights work together when you turn on the headlight switch. It is important to check your vehicle lights from time to time to make sure all the lights are working. Signal lights and brake lights are vital too.
  • Vehicles with headlight warning will beep or notify driver the headlights are on when they remove the key from the ignition. Thus, check your car headlights if you hear some sound after the key is removed from the ignition.
  • Certain cars come with an indicator on the dashboard telling the driver the headlights is on, off or faulty.

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How to Turn On Car Headlights Video Guide

It might be a stupid question to ask an experience driver how to turn on car headlights but it is a vital question for beginners who just get their hand on driving a car.

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