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LIVE from Bangkok: Toyota NS4 Concept


Toyota NS4

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The Toyota NS4 Concept is one of the top five highlights at the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show. It is one of the two treasures brought by Toyota to add more colors to the events. We first saw the car at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show and now we stand a chance to take a photo with this superstar.

Ultra-smooth sheet metal body with a par of swan-wing doors, the car allows anyone to imagine how the future cars will look like. What is really eye-catching is the cute-little-tiny yet useful side mirror that we almost can’t see it. Together with four new integrated glasses that built with Toyota’s latest technology, the windows help to improve driver visibility. Sleekness, futuristic, and cyber best describe the car. Inside, the plug-in hybrid features a large multi-touch screen that looks like a smartphone and a steering wheel that has all the control buttons within the driver’s fingers.

The Toyota NS4 Concept is said to be the preview of what the next-generation Prius could look like. However, we should reserve our final verdict until Toyota says “Yes it is, this is the latest Toyota Prius!”