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This video is to present the Lexus GS350 inside out.

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The BMW Z4 is no doubt one of the most stunning sports cars available on our planet. 90% of car lovers will love this two-seater sports car and 10% of haters usually are gay. A view either from the front, side, or rear, it looks strikingly cool. It is cool to drive this car to a five-star hotel front door and throw the key to valet and let them park the car. It is cool to drive this car to club or disco at night to show off and it …

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We have heard of Google robotic car that will drive itself years back and now it is no longer just a dream. Yesterday, Google self-driving car officially licensed in Nevada and it takes a blind man for spin. This blind man is legally pleased in the front passenger seat and he just let the Google car handles everything.
The Google car is a Prius with 100,000 miles on it. It is equipped with GPS, radar, radio sensors, Artificial Intelligence software, and video cameras to actually “see” the traffic as well as …

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While gas prices are on the rise again, owning a poor gas mileage SUV definitely is not a good idea. On the contrary, owning the best gas mileage SUV is what a smart consumer will do. In our complete car buying guide, one main thing to consider when buying a new car is the gas mileage. Generally, vehicles with poor gas mileage have bad resale value compared to vehicles with good gas mileage. We couldn’t control the gas price but we could plan well and buy a fuel efficient car. …

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This video is about the all-new Mitsubishi Mirage that recently launched in Thailand and soon will be available in several countries in Asia. There is no news saying this car will be available in the United States but a small car with 51.75 mpg (22 km/l) fuel economy is worth to spend two minutes to have a look, isn’t?
In the video, you can clearly see the design from front to back at the first 40 seconds. This is one main thing which decides whether you …

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“I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad, buy all of the things I never had” What kind of cars you will choose to drive if you are a billionaire? Many of us may think that billionaires must have a fancy car and that will at least cost more than $100,000 dollars. Well, some of the billionaires who love cars own a few super exotic cars that cost over million dollars while some are surprisingly using cars below $50,000. Let’s see what kind of cars some of the top billionaires …