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[cvg-video videoId=’11’ width=’570′ height=’333′ mode=’playlist’ /]
This video is taken from the rear seat of a 2012 all-new Ford Focus at the 33rd Bangkok Motor Show. A projector is fitted few feet above the car and a short film is presented on the windscreen through a special set up. This is to show Ford Focus fans a brand new experience when they get into the interior. The on-screen film is started at 00:17. It gives a “high technology” feeling to people who sit inside the car. This video also clearly shows …

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The Hyundai Veloster is young, powerful, and definitely a unique car for 2012. It is unique because it looks like a coupe but it cannot be considered as a coupe; it is reliable like a sedan but it’s not really a sedan because it does not have four passenger doors. The car has two smaller doors on the passenger side but only one longer coupe-like door on the driver side. The rear door on the passenger side is kind of hidden if you do not look at it carefully because …