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This video is taken from the rear seat of a 2012 all-new Ford Focus at the 33rd Bangkok Motor Show. A projector is fitted few feet above the car and a short film is presented on the windscreen through a special set up. This is to show Ford Focus fans a brand new experience when they get into the interior. The on-screen film is started at 00:17. It gives a “high technology” feeling to people who sit inside the car. This video also clearly shows …

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At the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show, Ford Australia is showing off the all-new Ford Territory Titanium to test buyers’ reaction and also to gain exposure in the market. And yes, they have successfully done that. Hundreds of people are surrounding the Territory during the event and some sat into the car to feel the difference. Since the floods last year in Thailand, many consumers have changed their buying preference from sedan car to pickup trucks, PPV (Pickup Passenger Vehicle), or SUV to avoid their car drinks water if the …