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How Many Miles Do Americans Drive Per Year?

While driving on the road in the United States, have you ever think how many miles do Americans drive per year? Regardless of age group or sex, Americans drive approximately 36.92 miles per day. On average, Americans spend about 44 minutes a day on the road with an average speed of 50 mph. This statistic is taken from a report made in 2016 by Federal Highway Administration, a U.S. Department of Transportation.
Now here’s a chart showing the average annual miles per driver by age group. On average, male drivers drive …

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Car brands Americans love

Have you ever wondered what are the car brands Americans love or hate? Here we have done an online research involving 1000 Americans from different states to list out the top ten car brands they love. Fortunately, there are five US car brands appeared to be Americans’ top choices when they are considering buying a new car while the rest are mostly Japanese and European cars. However, some of the top marquee we expected to be appeared in the list did not receive good response according to our survey results. …