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The first hybrid vehicle was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in 1901, the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid. It was a horseless carriage with four wheels powered by either gasoline or electric. It is not really practical during that time because most people preferred internal combustion engine. This is because our earth is still having a lot of petroleum during that time. However, fossil fuels are limited and when the gas prices are going up, consumers started to look for hybrid vehicles that give a better fuel consumption. Does this means that the …

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This is part two, please click here to read Top Ten Best Hybrid Cars For 2012 part one.
6. Toyota Prius C or Toyota Aqua

Fuel economy: 53 city/46 highway mpg
Zero to 60 mph: 10.6 sec
Total 5-Year ownership cost: $N/A
Price tag: MSRP from $19,710
The Toyota Prius C has just been launched a month ago for less than RM100K in Malaysia and it is expected to be launched in the U.S. around spring 2012. The fuel economy is five stars but the price is only one star. The “Smaller Prius” is powered byToyota’sHybrid …

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It is always uneasy to work out a top ten list but still, here are the top ten best hybrid cars for 2012 compiled by our car review team. We also calculated the estimated 5-year cost of ownership based on maintenance, repairs, fuel, depreciation, financing, and insurance. These hybrid car models are currently available for sale in the country with reasonable price, high fuel economy, and of course good looking. Years ago, a car with more than 40 mpg seems astonishing but it is no longer extraordinary today.
1. Toyota Prius

Fuel …

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There are reasons why the Honda Insight is getting more and more on the road and the sales keeps on increasing. Is it because it is cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, and gives really good fuel mileage? Let us share our reviews on the all-new 2012 Honda Insight and see if these are true. Thanks to Jeremy who had invited us to test drive his 2012 Honda Insight which he has just driven the car out of the show room last month. It is a one-month old baby and …