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Difference Between Automatic and Manual Cars

It’s not embellish to say that many people don’t really know the exact difference between automatic and manual cars. Take an example of the answer we get from a random drive who have been driving an automatic cars with a valid driving license for 3 years, “You don’t have to worry much about driving an automatic car. I usually put the gear selector to D and just drive it. For manual cars, it is quite troublesome because you have to deal with the clutch and shift gears all the time.” …

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Learning to drive a manual car

Most people find learning to drive a manual car is much harder than an automatic car especially when they need to do a parallel park or drive uphill. Students often fail in these two skills in the driving test. There is a necessity to master these skills not only for the test but also to drive better in your life. Here is the step by step on how to drive a manual car and tips to handle all kind of circumstances in a manual car.
Understand a manual transmission car

A manual …

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Learning To Drive A Car

Learning to drive a car is easy with the following guide. This includes safety driving tips, videos on how to drive a car (either manual or automatic transmission), and also tips to handle a car during emergencies. There are three “Ps” you need to know: Preparation, Precaution, and Practice. Preparation is what you need to do before sitting on the driver’s seat; Precaution is what may happen while driving; Practice is what every driver needs to do to improve their skills.
Most people will feel panic for the first time. People …