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Lamborghini’s New Supercar – The Lamborghini Veneno

What do you have in mind if we tell you Lamborghini is launching a new supercar very soon? If you are planning to buy the latest supercar from Lamborghini, it is time to break your piggy bank and see how much savings you have because Lamborghini is launching a super supercar – the Lamborghini Veneno. None of the supercar makers have the idea to build an ultimate sports car like Lamborghini does. The Lamborghini Veneno is supposed to be launched at the upcoming 83rd Geneva International Motor Show which will …

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Let’s say a 2012 Toyota Camry is selling at $23,000 and you have the cash in hand. Is it worth to buy a car with cash? This very much depends on the interest rates, your cash portfolio, your income, and also your liking. The new car interest rates and ROI (Return On Investment) rates play an important role in answering this question. If the loan interest rate is much higher than the savings interest rate, yes you may consider buying it with cash, otherwise, considering buy it with loan and …

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If you have gone through Step 1 until Step 5, you should already have a car you want to buy in mind. You may refer to Step 7 if your decision is to buy a used car. Buy a new car may sound like walk into a show room, test drive, and make payment. That is wrong! There are several new car buying tips you need to know as a savvy shopper to get the best new car deal in your town. Here we share with you step by step …

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For those who are still in doubt to buy either new or used car, here we will explain in details with a clear chart showing the depreciation on new car, the differences between the interest rate and monthly car payment. The chart compares the prices between new and used cars. We choose one of the best selling cars in the US as an example – the 2012 Toyota Camry MSRP price is from $21,955.

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New and used cars are enemies for more than few decades. Many experts have brought out their point of view based on many factors with supportive logics and reasons. For us, there is no correct answer that can be applied to anyone who is looking to buy a car. There is no one size fits all but you can find the size that fits you the best. Here we created a list of conditions to help car buyers to find the best answer based on the situation.