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How To Parallel Park (Video)

This is a two-minute short video to show you how to parallel park a car in few easy steps. It was taken in HD mode and the resolution can be enlarged to 1024 x 576 . Follow these steps and you can learn parallel parking easily. Click here to read more about how to parallel park a car with detail explanations as well as special images.

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How To Parallel Park A Car

Parallel parking is always a coup de grace for drivers who are taking their test. It is not hard at all to parallel park a car as long as you have caught the skills during the training. For beginners who have just started to learn parallel parking, it is recommended to learn it at a quiet place or places with the least traffic possible. This is to avoid distraction and also to reduce the driver’s stress. Learn how to parallel park here with six easy steps.
Step 1: Approaching a parking …