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Texting while driving

Texting while driving is a very bad habit that most teenagers get used to do it. In Carsut’s car driving lessons, we often discourage anyone to send text messages while driving because it leads to a high risk of having car accidents. Distracted driving is dangerous especially when your concentration is not on the driving but something else – composing a text messages, trying to play a song from your car stereo, listen to loud music, trying to style your hair, or simply talking to other passengers. In that case …

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Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can be challenging, exciting, and difficult especially during heavy rain day. This is because the road surface is wet and your car tires will lose traction and do not grip the wet road as good as dry road. During raining day, drivers feel harder to see incoming vehicles, vehicles at the back, road signs, and may not notice if someone is giving signals. Thousands of car accidents happened every year during raining day. Thus, if you are often driving in the rain, these tips are just …

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Pranks and jokes can always bring laugh to our society especially a funny and harmless one. Here we have shared a dozen of funny car pranks that you can pull on anyone’s car easily. Some of these pranks are just illusion but it brings an unexpected result while some require a little knowledge about car. We guarantee any of them is a great one to play around.
Red wine wiper fluid
Okay, you don’t really need to use red wine or the expensive Lafite. Buy some liquid food coloring from any grocery …

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It comes to the deal when you have decided to buy a car. Do not be over excited with the new car you are buying and overlook some other important things including insurance, loan rates, processing fees, registration fees, ownership endorsement fees, extended warranty and sales tax which vary from state to state. Do not forget about incentives and rebates if you are buying a new car. If you are buying it with your company name, these fees could be doubled.
Steps to deal a new car
Ask for a complete quotation …

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There are ways to sell a car and turn it into cash. It is either fast or slow way. The biggest temptation for dummies when prepare to sell a car is to rush things. Based on our experience, no dealers or buyers will offer a good price for an urgent sale vehicle. We understand that there are times when one needs money urgently but at least show poker face. Here we created five easy steps to sell a vehicle.
Step 1: Determine the market value
Go to some famous websites to find …