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Defunct British Car Manufacturers

Do you know that there were 381 British car manufacturers born in the United Kingdom over a century? 40 car manufacturers among them are still manufacturing cars and export worldwide today but the remaining 341 manufacturers have become history. Some of the defunct manufacturers appeared in the history for a few decades while some just last for a few years due to many reasons. Indeed, some of the British car manufacturers produce very limited cars in a short period of time. This is one reason why there are very unique …

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British Car Manufacturers

Here is your delicious A-list of current British car manufacturers from A to Z you ever hunted. United Kingdom is one of the few countries that built cars before 1900s. The first car brand founded in the UK is Rickett which built steam-powered car in 1860. Since then, more and more British car brands appeared in the history. Without any surprise, there are 381 British car manufacturers since 1858. 40 of them are currently still manufacturing and selling cars. Some of them are now world’s famous car makers including MINI, …