Step 3: Things to consider when choosing the right car
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Step 3: Things to consider when choosing the right car


2012 Honda Jazz
There are things to consider when choosing the right car. You may go through the set of questions we have here if you are not sure what these things are. Make sure you have gone through Step 2 and know what kind of body style is the best for your need. The final decision could be more accurate through these questions and the buying will not be regret. This page contains the kind of questions that appeared to help consumers to understand more about car and choose one that is most compatible with their situation.

What is the main purpose or usage of the car?

A person who is finding a new car could be with these reasons: first time car buyer, replacement for old car, change a better car because previously choose the wrong one or simply want to upgrade to a better car. The usage or main purpose of the car should put into consideration. If the purpose is just to travel in a small town with less than 10km a day; A small car will be great, for example, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and Ford Fiesta always in the top recommendations. If a car is needed to run for 100 km (60 miles) a day and travel to other province once a month for another 300 (186 miles) to 500 km (310 miles), a mid-size car like Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Acura TL or BMW 5 Series will be more practical in this situation. A truck like Ford F-150 is needed if the purpose of the car is to transport some heavy materials. There are millions of reasons when a car is needed, we cannot list them out here one by one. Only the buyer will know and choose the right car based on the purpose.

Who will drive the car?

Who will drive the car is very important. There is a lot of information available on the internet does not bring up this point.Phoenixshares her experience by saying the insurance for a teenager is high compare to elder driver. In some states, the gender of the drive does matter too. This is because male drivers tend to have higher risk compared to female drivers. Insurance for teenager is expensive, but insurance for teenager with exotic cars or car with high performance power is more expensive. The simple logic for insurance is higher risk, higher price. Inexpensive price tag with as much as safety features will be a good first car for teenager.

Full-size car is not recommended for elder driver who is over 60 years old. This is because seniors have limited abilities especially eyesight and hearing which is important in driving. Full-size car require good judgment especially side parking. Seniors may find it hard to perform a side parking if the car is too big. Considering smaller size car if it is for seniors.

Choose a car based on the fuel type and fuel economy

No one is willing to pay extra cost on fuel if given the chance. Many consumers often regret of what they buy because the fuel consumption is killing them. Currently, there are four types of vehicles in the market including gasoline-powered, hybrid, diesel-powered, and electric-powered. The best electric car is without a doubt the 2012 Nissan Leaf with fuel economy 106 city/92 highway mpg. But not everyone can own an electric car for now because of the limited cruising range. There we go for hybrid where the fuel economy is better compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars. Hybrid is now the number one choice for savvy consumer. Fuel economy is the main reason why Toyota Prius remained as top selling hybrid vehicle with 51 city/48 highway mpg.

Which area are you staying?

Where you stay sometimes determine what kind of car you should buy. If you are staying in the state with least diesel, it could be risky to buy a diesel-powered car. What if the resources finished in your area? For people who live off-road, far away from city, or forced to travel through many uneven and bad condition roads, a pickup truck or SUV is highly recommended. It is almost impossible to drive a low car like Lamborghini Murcielago off-road.

Buy a popular model

Choose a popular car model is always recommended. This is because hot cars are easier to sell off or trade-in in the future when you want to buy your next car. Honda Accord, Ford Focus, Ford F-150, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Escape, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Ford Fusion, Dodge Ram, Honda CR-V and Nissan Altima are some of the hot car in theU.S.More details can be found in Step 4 Selling your car.

Buying local vs. import

Buying a local made or import car does not have much difference as long as the brand is trustable.Toyotais inexpensive to buy although there are taxes on them before coming in to the country.Toyota, Honda, Ford or some other major car brand will not be a problem as long as spare parts are available anytime and anywhere. What we want to bring out is the future maintenance. Saab declared bankruptcy early this year, what if you bought a Saab during last year? Who will give the warranty to you now? See the point now?

With a confirmed price range, car body types, and usage, you can now bring out all available car models on the table and go through them one by one. Make a wise decision to choose one car that is best compatible with you according to their performance, fuel economy, and maintenance. Put the car design into main consideration too. Our research shows that a man live happier if he bought a good looking car that he likes.