Top 10 Strangest New Car Features
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Top 10 Strangest New Car Features


One of the most exciting things about new car launching is when the anchorperson announces all the new features a new car has. Often, we will hear some interesting yet practical new car features, which attract you to buy the car. However, we will also hear some weird car features that are way ahead of our time. In other words, these car features are not really practical to be used. Read through the top 10 strangest new car features here and you may notice that your car is actually having one of these weird features.

Top 10 Weirdest New Car Features

These are some of the strangest features offered by car makers to tempt their customers. You can say these features are cool, weird, strange, or bizarre.

1. Openometer in a Mini Cooper Convertible

Openometer Mini Cooper convertible
The newest Mini Cooper convertible has something that other convertibles don’t have, the “Openometer”. Openometer is a gauge that records the time spent driving with the top down. This features has been around since the 2010 models. Openometer, we leave the rest for you to comment.

2. Bear-Proof Sunroof in a Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai Bear-Proof Sunroof
The newest Nissan Qashqai features a bear-proof sunroof. The brochure reads: Sun roof can withstand the weight of a bear without breaking. What if the area you are living has no bear?

3. Refrigerator in a Hyundai Equus Ultimate

Hyundai Equus Refrigerator
When you buy a 2013 Hyundai Equus Ultimate, you get a standard refrigerator fitted to the center console of the rear seat. You can put beer or can drinks into the fridge before you begin your journey. A mini-fridge? Yes.

4. Dog Friendly Package in a Honda Element

Honda Element dog friendly package
In 2010, Honda offers every Honda Element buyer the Dog Friendly package. Obviously, this feature is to target Honda fans who love dogs. Dog friendly package costs $995 and the package comes with a custom-fitted, soft-sided crate with a built-in, spill-resistant water bowl. It also has an electric cooling fan mounted in the cargo bay and a portable lamp to give your pets access to the crate.

5. Active Perfuming System in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Active Perfuming system Mercedes-benz
The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers their consumers a “Active Perfuming System”. This feature costs $350 as an option. You can turn it on or off or control the intensity (low, medium, or high). There are four types of fragrances to give your car a brand new smell: Freeside Mood (light citrus), Nightlife Mood, Downtown Mood, and Sports Mood. The question is, would you want to spend $350 to buy cologne for your car?

6. Picnic Table in a Honda CR-V

Honda CRV picnic table
For those who used to purchased a brand new Honda CR-V in 2001, you should be able to remember that a picnic table is part of the car. This is a Honda picnic table, it is designed to be attached to the floor in the cargo of the car. See also: Honda CRV problems.

7. Gentlemen Functions in a BMW 750i

Gentlemen functions
Gentlement functions is a feature that allow BMW 750i driver to increase the leg room for rear passengers. When you select the function from the screen, the front seat will move forward to allow more leg room for the passenger behind. The feature is not weird, but hey, Gentlement Functions?

8. 400 mph Top Speed Key in a Bugatti Veyron

top speed key
You will never know there is a “Top Speed Key” if you don’t own a Bugatti Veyron. It is the fastest super exotic sports cars that is capable to reach a top speed of 400mph. However, you need the “Top Speed Key” to unlock the car to its fullest power otherwise the top speed will be remained at 250 mph. This key will lowers the suspension of the car as well as open the rear spoiler for better aerodynamic.

9. Glowing Speakers Lights in a Kia Soul

Kia Soul LED speakers weird features
Start your Kia Soul and play some songs. You will see the lights surrounding the speakers pulse and glow according to the beat of the music. Without doubt, it is fun for certain people but it is weird for some too. Do you really need that flashy lights? OMG!

10. Adjustable Dashboard Lighting in a Ford Mustang

Ford mustang dashboard lights
Ford Mustang is one of the coolest muscle cars of all time. However, it becomes not cool if the gauge cluster can be tuned to different colors. Do you really need a red light gauge to make your car go faster? Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the weirdest old car features.