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It isn’t uncommon to come across the term horsepower and torque in any car review articles or car commercials. Some car dealers even put a big note on the windscreen telling their customers how many horsepower the car has. What is horsepower and torque in a car? What does it actually means for a car with 300 horsepower? What they actually mean? Everything in this world needs a unit of measurement to determine their performance and ability especially cars. Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power. The term …

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Here are the top ten muscle car drawings created by These drawings are created based on some of the most popular American muscle cars including Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet SS, Pontiac GTO and others. For those who love muscle cars and love drawings, you may download these drawings, print it out, put another white paper on top of it and follow the line to draw a new one. It is free to use anywhere you love. Guess what? It’s time to prepare a clean paper, eraser, and a …

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Lately we have worked out several great pranks to pull on cars including harmless car pranks, funny car pranks, and disappearing car prank. Car pranks ideas can never be enough although we have shared more than 50 pranks ideas to pull on cars. Today, we have got some scary yet safe car pranks ideas that will be fun to play with. Ready, Get Set, Go!
Make the car won’t start

A car needs three major things in order to run: gasoline, spark plug, and electric power. You can use a gasoline suction …

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Life can be happier with some funny car pranks that do not harm the car or the driver. Here we have shared some funny car prank ideas that you can pull on a car anytime with anyone especially April Fools Day. These car pranks are funny, harmless, and safe to pull on any cars.
Fake accident prank
This is a very simple prank but funny to pull on a car especially luxury car. Get a note and write “Hey man, I am so sorry that I have just smashed your car. I …

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Harmless car pranks will bring you a lot of happiness and fun in life because they do not harm the car at all. If someone has pulled a prank on your car before, try out these top ten harmless car pranks we shared here. It can be pulled anytime not just April fool but also New Year Eve or someone else birthday. However, make sure you do not over pull the pranks otherwise harmless will become harmful. Safety always comes first!
1. Pranks with confetti
Confetti is something cheap but very effective …