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It could be a headache when choosing a right car for teenagers. The selling price, maintenance costs, cost of ownership, insurance costs, as well as safety features are often the major things to consider when buying a car for young people. Here are the top five best cars for teenagers. These cars are cheap, easy to drive, cheap to own, and with high fuel economy.
1. Ford Fiesta S

Fuel economy: 28 city/38 highway mpg; 12 city/16 highway km/l
5-Year fuel cost: $8,568
5-Year insurance cost: $5,623
Total 5-Year ownership cost: $28,524
The latest Fiesta S is a stylish and …

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Loitering and sight-seeing in the streets of Hanoi
We were in Hanoi for six days. It was the first time we travelled to this city of approximately 2.6 million inhabitants. What amazed us was its crowds and traffic. Walking along its streets is a nightmare. You are caught suddenly in the midst of people and vehicles of all kinds. You will together with women peddling goods in baskets, ranging from fruits to titbits, hung from the two ends of a pole and carried on the shoulder, make up the already unsightly …

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A Japanese doctor has been arrested through a video he uploaded on YouTube showing off how he speed a Ferrari 458 Italia on some public roads in Japan. The 50-year-old doctor shot the video somewhere in April 2011 and allegedly posted the footage on YouTube. As a result, a group of angry internet users complained to the authorities. The authorities in Japan traced him down with several roadside speed cameras as well as the video on YouTube – several from outside, and one from inside.
The $230,000 exotic features a 4.5L …

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There are many ways to build a rubber band powered car. But it requires some skills to build one that really goes very fast and very far. Here you can find the step by step on how to build a rubber band car that can go fast. It takes only a few minutes by using some recycle things in your home.

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The list of car names here is incomplete but it is a long list and consists most of the popular car names. These names were taken from automobile books, magazines, websites, and also contributions from Carsut’s readers. Funny, cool, gibberish, feminine and all kind of weird car names can be found in the list here.