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“I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad, buy all of the things I never had” What kind of cars you will choose to drive if you are a billionaire? Many of us may think that billionaires must have a fancy car and that will at least cost more than $100,000 dollars. Well, some of the billionaires who love cars own a few super exotic cars that cost over million dollars while some are surprisingly using cars below $50,000. Let’s see what kind of cars some of the top billionaires …

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What do you think Lady Gaga will drive? What kind of cars that Lady Gaga will own? This week, the hottest topic in Beverly Hills is nothing but Lady Gaga’s Audi R8 GT. Gaga isn’t caught in a bad romance but caught in an Audi R8. The pop star might have equivocal taste in fashion but she seems to have good taste in cars by choosing one of the 333 Audi R8 GTs that Audi ever produced. Among the 333 units, there are only 90 units made available in the …

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Justin Bieber turns 18 today, and yes, he is legal to drive now. The Canadian singer who loves cars so much celebrated his 18th birthday on Thursday with an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. During the show, the singer’s manager, Scooter Braun walked out and presented him with a $100,000 Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid luxury sports car. And of course, this was part of Usher’s idea too. It is a huge surprise for Bieber and he may never ever forget about this birthday present.
Scooter Braun mentioned that he …