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How to Change Gears in an Automatic Car

Although an automatic car handles almost everything related to the gears, there are times when you need to change gears manually even in an automatic transmission. These circumstances are such as when you need to overtake a car at a speed very close to you or when you need extra power to go uphill. Compared to manual transmission cars, an automatic car is much more popular because it shifts gears robotically for the driver. Many new drivers who are learning to drive a car prefer to buy automatic cars over …

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How to Turn On Car Headlights

Learning how to turn on car headlights is an unavoidable step when you learn to drive a car. Although it is a simple thing, you still need to know how and when to turn the lights on. For example, during night time, dark days, heavy snow days, raining days or whenever visibility is low It is safer to drive with headlights on because other vehicle can notice your car. Follow the 4 easy steps below to turn on car parking lights and headlights.
4 Steps to Turn on Car Parking lights …

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Difference Between Automatic and Manual Cars

It’s not embellish to say that many people don’t really know the exact difference between automatic and manual cars. Take an example of the answer we get from a random drive who have been driving an automatic cars with a valid driving license for 3 years, “You don’t have to worry much about driving an automatic car. I usually put the gear selector to D and just drive it. For manual cars, it is quite troublesome because you have to deal with the clutch and shift gears all the time.” …

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21 Strangest Car Accidents and Crashes

Check out the 21 strangest car accidents and crashes happened around the world if you believe everything happens for a reason. The photos of these car accidents will leave you stunned. You will wonder how did it happened. There are cases when a car ended up in a swimming pool, when a pickup-truck flipped over and landed on a roof top, and when a dump truck flicked and stand on the road like a Transformer Optimus Prime. Read through how these crashes happened and you will be astonished at least …

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How to Do a Burnout

It’s vital to know what is burnout before you learn how to do a burnout. Burnout is about sending a serious amount of horsepower to the wheels of your car to make them spin. Once your wheels spin at a high frequency, it will start burn the tires and cause a lot of smoke. So, what is the purpose behind burnout since it is all about burning rubber? The purpose of burnout is to heat up the tires to get a better traction. That’s the reason burnout can frequently be …