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Fast and Furious Muscle Cars

Have you ever wondered what the Fast and Furious muscle cars are? What are those muscle cars driven by Vin Diesel, Letty Ortiz or Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious movie? They are fast, they are cool and they roar like a rocket. You couldn’t wait to know the names of these muscle cars so that you can get one and customize it according to your taste. No worries! Check out the Fast and Furious muscle cars list here and you will know all the muscle cars used in …

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Top 10 Old School Muscle Cars

The engine sound come from an old school muscle car is able to wake someone up from comma, does it sounds exaggerating? Or does it sounds true? What is a muscle car? There are many different definitions for old school muscle cars such as 2-door, sport look, or American-made. However, a powerful engine is the main point to determine a muscle car. All the muscle cars are overpowered and they are fitted with high-performance engine and parts. It is impossible to wake someone up from comma without a high horse …

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Here are the top ten muscle car drawings created by Carsut.com. These drawings are created based on some of the most popular American muscle cars including Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet SS, Pontiac GTO and others. For those who love muscle cars and love drawings, you may download these drawings, print it out, put another white paper on top of it and follow the line to draw a new one. It is free to use anywhere you love. Guess what? It’s time to prepare a clean paper, eraser, and a …

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Muscle car artwork – 1965 Ford Mustang
“It will be end of the world if muscle cars are no longer exists on our planet.” – Howsen, a car aficionado. American muscle cars are our life; it is one of the most interesting vehicles living on this planet. Here we have created a list of muscle car artworks. These artworks are free to use. It can be printed on t-shirts, gift cards, or use it as your new rock band icon. However, if you would like to share it in your websites …