Types of Car Window Tinting
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Types of Car Window Tinting


From dark to silver to gold, there are hundreds of different types of car window tinting films available in the market today. Tinting your car windows can protect you and any passenger inside the car from too much sun exposure. On the other hand, tinted windows are able to protect your car interior such as dashboard, stereo player, gauges and seats from sun damage. Other than practical usage, tinting your car windows is also one main thing when it comes to customize your own car. Let’s understand the choices you have before you select the best car window tinting that suits your requirements.

Dyed Tinting Film

dyed car window tinting film

Dyed tinting film is one of the most common tinting films used in car industry. This type of window film is made by adding a layer of dyed polyester film in between mounting adhesive and scratch resistant hardcoat. The main function of dyed polyester film is to absorb heat and transfer it to the glass. This type of car window tinting film can block up to 50% of the light from coming into your car and it gives you the darkest look as it doesn’t contain any metal. It is non-reflective; it doesn’t block radio waves; it would not interfere with an in-glass antenna; and it is cheap in terms of cost. Overall, it blocks the unwanted sunlight entering to your car as well as absorbing all the unnecessary heat from the sun. Over time, the dye can be broken by the UV rays of the sun. The tinting film will turn to purple from deep black. That’s the time when you need to replace your tinting film.

dyed car window tinting film

dyed car window tinting film

Metalized Tinting Film

Metalized tinting Film

Metalized tinting film consists of several layers. First layer is the mounting adhesive that bounds the tinting film to your car windows. Second layer is UV treated film that blocks all kinds of ultraviolet radiation. Third layer is laminating adhesive which darkens the windows as well as reflecting the heat. This layer helps a lot in blocking heat from entering to your vehicle. It is good for people who live in tropical country that has sunlight 365 days. Fourth layer is a metalized film and the last layer is a layer of scratch resistant hardcoat. This type of tinting film usually prevent any unwanted things from entering your car but the maximum light blocking is up to 40%.

Metalized Car Tinting Film

Thanks to the metalized material within the layers, this type of tinting film does not fade over time like dyed film. Therefore it can be used until your car becomes a junk. Speaking about the disadvantages, the appearance of metalized tinting film is very shiny and it might not be allowed in the state you are living. Besides, it is most costly than dyed film because it is more durable.

metalized tinted car

Carbon Tinting Film

Carbon tinting film looks like dyed tinting film but it has the performance of hybrid tinting film. It is black in color and able to block 40% of infra red heat that enters your car through your car windows. This type of tinting film is added with metal thus it is durable. However, the only drawback is that it blocks radio waves due to the metal material. You car audio may not function as it is suppose to if you would like to listen to the radio.

Hybird Window Tinting Film

Hybrid window tinting film combined the positive characteristics of both dyed and metalized film. There will be a layer of dyed polyester film, a layer of laminating adhesive, and a layer of metalized film in between mounting adhesive and scratch resistang hardcoat. Hybrid tinting film is the best car window tinting film compared to dyed and metalized film because it has both of their ingredients together. Money wise, it cost less than metalized film but cost a little bit more than dyed flim. Performance wise, it blocks heat, glare and UV rays very effectively. On top of that, it doesn’t block radio waves and the durability is very good. In a nutshell, hybrid tinting film is the best for any cars if you are looking for the ultimate automotive window film.

hybrid car tinting film
A tinted car with hybrid window tinting film

Conclusion for Car Window Tinting

Selecting the right type of car window tinting film is always about the cost, usage, and how long you going to own the car. It is no point to go for a super durable tinting film if you just plan to use the car for a year. On the other hand, it will be troublesome if you need to tint your car every 3 years once the tinting film is faded. Well, the choice is in your hand. Other than selecting the right type of car window tinting film, choosing the right window tint installer is indeed important. It is advisable to go for a good tint shop that has been in the business for at least 5 years or more. Lastly, you should bring your car to a few tint shops to see the sample of their work. Compare the types of window tinting film they carry and the price they offer. No one wants a tinted car with bubbles on the windscreen or windows. Visit at least 3 shops and compile all the information you need in order to select the best tint shop.