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What Your Car Says About You


You will know what your car says about you according to the car color, car brand, car size, safety features, interior car accessories and every little thing you chose for your car. It clearly says a lot about your personality and the attitude you treat your life. Of course, it might not be 100% accurate but it is definitely a psychological shortcut to express your personality and character to the opposite gender or to anyone who might sit in your car. Let’s check out the quiz and questions & answers here to see if the result is right about you. Whether you own a car or buying one, you can’t miss the ultimate Car Buying Guide.

What Your Car Color Says About You

white car
White Car: White car represent young, energetic and modern. People who select white car are those who love elegance. White is also means purity and sincerity. On the other hand, people who choose white car also mean they want their car to be able to beat the summer heat. Lastly, white is hard to keep clean all the time and it could means that you are a hardworking person?

black car
Black Car: Without doubt, there is a huge group of black car enthusiasts on the road. People who buy black car are those who love luxurious life, who love to be mysterious and of course, who love power. That’s one reason why almost all the diplomat cars are in black. See also: Things to consider when choosing the right car.

Silver Car: Silver is often the third most popular car color after white and black. It is a color that shows modernism. It is a color that shows you are a high-class person.

gray car

Gray Car: Gray or grey, they are the same color. But gray and silver, they are different. Those who choose gray color car don’t want to look outstanding. They want to be part of the crowd and no one else can recognize them.

Red Car: Why does a Ferrari always has to be red? Why the best low-cost airline AirAsia has to be red? Red projects masculinity, power, and fervor. Red car also represent great status in this society but that’s mostly for men. Red for women? Confidence, attractive and sexy! See also: Buying a new car.

blue car
Blue Car: Blue represents ocean and sky and that represents you are someone love the natural. Blue is for happy man and it is a color that projects honesty, peacefulness and constancy. Take a look around you, there must be a lot of MPV in blue.

Brown Car: Brown or beige car, they are similar. If you are driving one, it means you don’t really care about the latest car. You don’t really admire your neighbor buy a brand new Lamborghini. All you want is to drive the car until the engine drops.

yellow car
Yellow Car: If you are driving a yellow car, congratulations! There are only 1-2% of yellow cars on the road in America. Yellow projects happiness and positive thinking. Often, people who don’t think much in their life will go for yellow cars especially drivers in their 20s. See also: Questions to ask when buying a used car.

Green Car: Green has been a popular car color before World War II. Dark green, British Racing Green, light green and etc. Green is for those who love natural and care the world. You must be a person who always support 3R – Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

orange car
Orange Car: Apple and Orange are those fruits you will take in your daily life. When it comes to orange car, it projects you are a savvy buyer. Most of the orange car owner will not spend extra money on car accessories that doesn’t really matter to the car, for example, car decals, stickers or changing a new car audio player. As orange represents savvy, orange car is the least on the street because savvy consumers prefer to take public transport rather than serving a monthly car payment.

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