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12 Best Car Pranks


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Pranks and jokes can always bring laugh to our society especially a funny and harmless one. Here we have shared a dozen of funny car pranks that you can pull on anyone’s car easily. Some of these pranks are just illusion but it brings an unexpected result while some require a little knowledge about car. We guarantee any of them is a great one to play around.

Red wine wiper fluid

Okay, you don’t really need to use red wine or the expensive Lafite. Buy some liquid food coloring from any grocery stores that looks like wine color and drip and few drop into the wiper fluid reservoir. Your victim will be shocked when he needs to clean the windshield. In order to make it more interesting, you can get the liquid color that looks like blood. Tips: to get an instant effect, make the windshield dirty with some bird shits!

When you brake, the car horns

The sound of horn is good to alert passengers or other drivers but it is very irritating if someone always horn. But now you are going to make your victim’s car horn every time he steps on the brake. Rewiring the horn with the brake, make the brake horns every time the driver applies the brake and all you need to do is stand there and watch the show.

Flying wipers

Remove the wiper nuts and cover it back with the rubber plug. The wiper will fly away when the victim turns it on. PS: This prank is not completely harmless.

Ghost voice in the car

Pre-record some ghost voices or scary sound in a CD and place it into the stereo of your victim’s car. Turn the volume to the loudest and the sound will come out once the victim turn on the ignition. Now that’s pretty shock and scary!

Wake them up now

It’s not often the driver is the victim, now the driver gets to play some pranks to the passengers. If you are on a long journey and some of your passengers have fall asleep, it is your turn to play a prank. First, make sure there are no other vehicles close to you. Second, slow down the car to about 20 km/h (10 mph) and apply the e-brake. Hahaha, all the passengers will wide awake.

Change the GPS language

Change the GPS default language to some other foreign languages that the victim doesn’t understand. Be it Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. The GPS will say “Qian Mian Zhuan Jor” instead of “Turn left in front”. It will at least take an hour for them to figure out how to revert it back to English.

Make the car flood with golf balls

This funny car prank requires some investment but it can be played again on other victims. Go to a second hand golf stores and purchase 1,000-2,000 used golf balls from them. Borrow your friend’s car key and pour all the golf balls into the car. It will be best if the car has sunroof. Otherwise, open the window a little bit and pour the golf balls in carefully. Stay back, prepare a video camera and watch the show. Do not forget to upload the funny video to Youtube afterwards.

Give a free upgrade to your victim

Use an unknown number to call your victim and inform him he has got a free upgrade from the dealer. Inform him he can drive the car to the nearest dealer and get a free GPS, stereo systems, and alloy wheels. Tell him it is just a funny prank when you feel he is very excited to top. Nay~

Exotic cars and sexy girls

This is more like a prank to your friend who don’t own a car. Rent an exotic car like Ferrari 458 Italia or McLaren MP4-12C, get a few super sexy girls and have them send you to your school or working office. Make sure you have arranged your friend to wait you at the car park.

Where the damn sound coming from?

Attach and fishing line to the back of your targeted car and tie it up with some empty aluminum cans. Hide these aluminum cans under the car and they will make some noises that shock the driver when he starts driving.

Simply weird prank

This is one very classic car prank without any special technique but it will make the victim feel weird. First, get the car key or copy a spare key of your victim’s car. Get into the car and adjust the seat height, change the stereo radio station, replace the perfume with different smell and etc. There are many things you can do to make the victim feels weird and scary.

Sex doll prank

Buy a blow-up sex doll from the store and leave it in the rear seat without letting your victim see it. Attach it to an automatic air pump that uses 12V battery power from the car battery. The inflated sex doll will be blown up when the car runs. This prank works best on nerd or anyone that looks nerd!

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