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Weirdest Old Car Features


If you have already seen the top 10 strangest new car features, it is time to see the top 10 weirdest old car features. You will be surprised with these bizarre features because some of them shouldn’t be appeared in the old times. They are like Back To The Future cars popped up in the 50s. Those features were so futuristic that you might not even be able to see them in modern cars in the next few decades. However, these odd features were there many years ago for some reasons. Let’s check them out.

Top 10 Weirdest Car Features Found On Old Cars

To be honest, some of these features are innovative and practical in certain situations but somehow they just appeared once and then disappeared forever.

1. Highway Hi-Fi Phonograph

Highway Hi-Fi phonograph
Starting in 1956, the Highway Hi-Fi Phonograph was offered to a few popular cars such as Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto and Plymouth. The name “Highway Hi-Fi” is referring to a built-in record player manufactured by CBS/Columbia. It was considered a very high-tech features in the mid 50s although the roster of artists available were limited.

2. Rotating Front Seat

rotating front seat
The 1961 Buick Flamingo features a rotating front seat where you can revolve it to 180 degree. This allow you to sit face to face and talk to passengers at the back. It feels like sitting in a train, isn’t it?

3. Swing-a-way Steering Wheel

swing-a-way steering wheel
The 1961 Ford Thunderbird features a notable T-bird swing-a-way steering wheel. This is definitely a brilliant idea for easier entry and exit for the driver especially those who has a big belly. Perhaps Mercedes-Benz should consider this features for the newest S-Class?

4. Canvas Dog Sack

dog sack weird old car features
The 2010 Honda Element features a Dog Friendly Package that costs $995. In 1935, you can get a canvas dog sack to carry your dog wherever you go. It fits neatly on the running board on most of the old cars. Fortunately, it was never featured on any car.

5. Water-balloon bumpers

water balloon bumper
There are no such things as airbags back in old times, however, there are water-balloon bumpers. Water-balloon bumpers are one of the weirdest old car features. They are built to collapse and absorb energy force when accident happens. During that time, many vehicles were equipped with water-balloon bumpers. If you see two cars stick together with lots of water on the floor, it means there is a crash had just happened.

6. Headlight Wipers and Washer

headlight wipers
If you do notice, there are still some cars on the road come with headlight wipers and washers especially European cars. Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and BMW are a few car brands that features headlight wipers. Are they really practical? I will leave the comment to those who used to drive a car with headlight wipers.

7. Wrist-Twist Steering System

wrist twist steering system
In 1965, Ford brought Robert J. Rumpf, an aerospace engineer, to work on experimental auto designs. The Wrist-Twist steering system was what he came up with. Suppose it is to give the driver a better view of the road and a more comfortable driving experience. In certain situation, this wrist-twist steering system would make parallel parking easier but you should know this design is obviously failed.

8. Automatic Seatbelts

automatic seatbelts
In late 1970s, automatic seatbelts was introduced. Toyota was the first car maker to make automatic seatbelts as standard on the 1981 Toyota Cressida. Automatic Seatbelts are attached to the door and it will automatically move into position around the driver or front passenger once the door is closed. You will definitely get frustrated with the automatic seatbelts if you were living in the early 80s.

9. Swivel Front Seats

swivel seat
The idea of having a swivel seat is to allow the driver or passenger to get in and out to and from the car easier. The 1974 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna Type S-3 is one of the most popular car that comes with two front swivel bucket seats.

10. Cars with Three Wheels

Reliant Robin three wheel
In 1973, a motorbike-look-alike car was introduced, the Reliant Robin. It looks like a bike but it also looks like a car, making it one of the weirdest old cars. It only has three wheels but the rest are a car. The biggest problem of this car is it actually flips over whenever it makes turns.