16 Used Cars to Avoid
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16 Used Cars to Avoid


Here’s the list of 16 used cars to avoid in your entire life. These cars are voted as the worst used cars according to consumer reports and some other sources from the internet. Some feedback are collected from related forums and blogs. They are written by drivers who actually using the cars. Well, these used cars might not be as bad as described but there are many negative comment about them, it is better to avoid them as used cars except you really tight on budget.
used cars to avoid

1. Chevrolet Aveo

A used Chevrolet Aveo is affordable with high fuel economy, however, it comes with a weak engine, cramped interior and middling crash test scores. Consumer Reports takes issue with the 2009 Aveo’s brakes, body integrity and body hardware. This could be the reason it was replaced by Chevrolet Sonic in 2012.

2. Chrysler Sebring / Dodge Avenger

With an unrefined engines, the Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Avenger is giving a poor fuel economy and lackluster acceleration with V6s. According to Consumer Reports and J.D. Power owner surveys, models from 2008-2009 are having poor long-term mechanical reliability.

3. Dodge Nitro / Jeep Liberty

A used Dodge Nitro / Jeep Liberty is priced at less than $10,000. It has a good towing capacity but bad in gas mileage. An owner of Dodge Nitro from California cited the handling is like driving a truck. See best used cars under $10,000 if you are looking for a used cars under $10,000.

4. Jaguar XF

According to a Jaguar Owner’s forum, owner surveys indicate the Jaguar XF will suffer lower-than-average reliability. This means you might need to prepare a bunch of money to keep the car running especially if the warranty is expired. Thus, consider twice if you are thinking to get a used car.

5. BMW 7-Series

The BMW 7-Series is another used cars to avoid when it comes to car buying. It is a luxury car with good feedback but all the positive feedback are meant for new car, not used car. According to Consumer Reports, it ranked worse in terms of engine major and transmission major.

6. Jeep Wrangler / Wrangler Unlimited

Most of the used Jeep Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited are taken off-road, therefore, you might want to prepare extra money for excessive wear and tear if you are looking for a used one. Models from 2008-2009 get low ratings for reliability from J.D. Power.

7. Lincoln MKS

The Lincoln MKS received poor ratings for both quality and long-term durability from J.D. Power. It also gets below average in reliability from Consumer Reports. Be prepare for the cost of replacement parts if you are looking for a used Lincoln MKS.

8. Volkswagen GTI

The Volkswagen GTI has a lively engine with good fuel economy. It also features an upscale interior but it landed on the Consuper Reports’ as worst used car list due to the reliability.

9. Saturn Relay

Don’t be attracted by the large cabin storage because the Saturn Relay is one of the worst used cars to avoid. There is no airbag coverage for third row and it has an unimpressive IIHS side-impact crash test score. The production went on from 2005 until 2006 and it could be very hard to get any replacement parts. Avoid, avoid, and avoid!

10. BMW X5

It’s not surprise to see the BMW X5 appear in the list of used cars to avoid because both Consumer Reports and J.D. Power cited it for having worse than average reliability, particularly 2008 and 2009 model. It could be costly to for the car maintenance just to keep it running.

11. Audi Q5

We love the Audi Q5 because it has a comfortable interior and handles very well. However, a 2012 Consumer Reports rated it as the worst car for overall reliability. According to myAUDIQ5 forum, owners are complaining about the navigation system and the functioning of the keyless entry.

12. Cadillac STS

The Cadillac STS was discontinued after the 2010 model year. Still, it is not really recommended to buy as a used car because J.D. Power gives it low scores for overall dependability. On the other hand, Consumer Reports cites issues with its braking and electrical systems.

13. Chevrolet Blazer

The Chevrolet Blazer was discontinued after the 2005 model. Poor crash test ratings and worst reliability make this car a MUST to avoid. Fuel pump failing, electrical problems, transmission issues are just a few to be mentioned.

14. Kia Sedona

Introduced in 2001, the Kia Sedona has been in the automobile market for more than a decade. However, Consumer Reports rated the reliability of this car below average for all model years.

15. Volkswagen Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg often regarded as a funny car name. According to car related forums and blogs, the first-generation Touareg received complaints for having premature failure on the center support bearings. It could be costly to repair it if the warranty expires.

16. GMC Acadia

According to Consumer Reports, the main issue for the GMC Acadia is the transmission problem. The transmission refuse to downshift at certain times. Transmission issue is often one of the most costly when it comes to car repair.

Although you are advised to avoid buying these used cars, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy them. You can still buy it as long as you inspect a used car properly. It could be a good buy if you understand the common issues and know which parts have been replaced by previous owners.