Tips for Using Car Touch Up Paint
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Tips for Using Car Touch Up Paint


In this article you will learn how to use car touch up paint to repair scratches and chips on your vehicle’s paint surface. A car touch-up paint is a small pen containing a small amount of paint that matches your car color. It is available at many auto parts stores at dirt cheap price. Instead, you can also buy a car touch-up paint online via Amazon or other online auto parts store. To many people, it sounds very easy to apply touch up paint on a car’s paint surface. It is supposed to work like that but you have to apply it properly on area with scratches, rust spots or chips. Otherwise you will waste your effort. Follow the 10 tips for using car touch up paint here in order to ensure you get the best results in making your car look brand new again.

How to Apply Car Touch Up Paint

Basically, the process is as simple as the following three steps:

  1. Find the area with scratches, chips, rust spots or damage.
  2. Clean up the area. Remove the rust with sand paper if needed.
  3. Prime the area after it is cleaned. It is recommended to use thin coats of primer. Let it dry overnight in order to get the best result.
  4. Apply the touch up paint.
  5. Wait for at least three days and use rubbing compound to make it shine.

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10 Tips for Using Car Touch Up Paint

using car touch up paint

Tip 1: Buy the Correct Color According to User’s Manual

The biggest mistake in using car touch up paint is get the wrong color. There are hundreds type of red, thousands type of blue and even black. A wrong paint color will result a big contrast on your car when looking at it. Therefore, make sure you check your color code from your user’s manual or via your vehicle’s VIN number.

Tip 2: Use Masking Tape to Protect the Surrounding Area

Use masking tape or painter’s tap with old newspaper to protect the surrounding area. Simply apply the tape along the edges of the spot you want to paint. For small area, cut a hole in the middle of a paper and tape it on.

Tip 3: Use the Right Sand Paper

Remove all the rust spots with the right sand paper. For area with bad rust, use 80 or 120 grit sandpaper to sand the area. Once you feel the damage has been sanded to moderate, use 320 grit and 1000 grit to sand it until the surface looks smooth.

Tip 4: Make Sure It’s Clean

Use soap, grease remover and wax to clean the area you want to touch up the paint. Make sure it is 100% clean. It is easier to apply paint on a clean and dust-free area.

Tip 5: Use Very Thin Coats of Primer

Buy the thinnest coats of primer to apply on your car’s paint surface. Thin coats of primer is ready to spray and it doesn’t require thinning.

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Tip 6: Test the Paint Color Match

Use a piece of metal to test the car touch up paint you bought. Make sure the paint matches your car color before you apply it. In case you only notice the color is wrong after applied on your car, use automotive lacquer thinner to remove it quickly before it dries up.

Tip 7: Use Good Quality Car Touch Up Paint

There are different types of car touch up paint available in the market, for instances, paint pens, paint kits, bush cap paints and spray paints. Identify the number of damage on your car as well as how big the area is. Paint pens is good to color small dings and nicks. On the other hand, spray paints is good for larger repairs.

Tip 8: Give Time to Dry the Paint

72 hours is the best time for any type of paint to dry up completely. Thus, it’s recommended to leave the car in a clean garage for at least three days for the paint to dry up.

Tip 9: Wax after Paint has Dried

Wax the car from head to toe once to restore shine once the paint has dried. For best results, it is suggested to allow the car paint to dry for at least 30 days before waxing. The car will look brand new after waxing.

Tip 10: Do it When Humidity is Below 50%

Car paint dries best with the humidity below 50%. It is perfect if the temperature is at least 70 fahrenheit (21 celsius). Hence, start your spray job during this time will give you the best result.

It’s good to experience using car touch up paint to repair your own car. You will know how to inspect a used car before buying it in the future. At least you know which area has been touched up before.