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New Honda HR-V e:HEV Hybrid Car


This is a 2022 all-new Honda HR-V e:HEV EL Hybrid car. The selling price in Thailand is 1,079,000 baht (appoximately 93,000 TWD and RM136,000 Ringgit Malaysia). We are viewing this car at the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show. The Thai market HR-V is only available with a hybrid powertrain and that means no petrol version is available here. It’s very interesting as many countries only receive this car in petrol version but not hybrid version.

Honda has redesigned the front grille for the new 2022 HR-V e:HEV. It’s totally different with the previous generation. The standard kit includes new LED healights with LED daytime running lights. The futuristic look makes many people thought this is a full-electric by looking at it’s exterior. Feature wise, this car is equipped with Honda Sensing system as standard, offering adaptive cruise control with low speed follow. Under the hood, it uses a 1.5 litre engine and two electric motors. This hybrid powertrain develops 131 PS and 253 Nm of torque.

The interior of this HR-V e:HEV are wrapped with leather. An 8” Advanced Touch Display Audio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard equipment. The button for the AC and fan is similar to the previous generation. It didn’t change much since the HR-V was first introduced. Seat material is leather and synthetic leather. Just like the previous generation, Honda still no plans to put an automatic seat for this car. Check out a detail review via the video below if you want to know more about the new Honda HR-V e:HEV.