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Pranks to pull on cars


Lately we have worked out several great pranks to pull on cars including harmless car pranks, funny car pranks, and disappearing car prank. Car pranks ideas can never be enough although we have shared more than 50 pranks ideas to pull on cars. Today, we have got some scary yet safe car pranks ideas that will be fun to play with. Ready, Get Set, Go!

Make the car won’t start
car pranks
A car needs three major things in order to run: gasoline, spark plug, and electric power. You can use a gasoline suction pump to completely remove all the gas in the gas tank during night time without the victim’s knowledge. Alternatively, you can just disconnect one of the battery terminals (either positive or negative) and the car will not be able to start in any kind of situations. This will make the victim gets angry for at least ten minutes until you jump out!

The balloon pop prank
car prank with balloon
This prank is safe to pull on any cars without have to access to the inside of the car. Get a huge balloon and attach it to the car’s tail pipe. Make sure the balloon is strong enough to hold the air for at least ten seconds. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the show. A very classic car prank that never goes out of style is to stick a potato in the tail pipe.

Prank with a can of tuna fish
Get a can of tuna fish, make a small hole and drain all the water. Put in under either the driver seat or passenger seat without the owner’s knowledge. You can also place it under dashboard or at some place that is extremely hard to find. The tuna fish will bring bad smell after few days especially during summer time. One out of ten victims who get this pranks gone crazy after few days. Have you tried to pull this prank on any cars yet?

Create fake engine burst!
car prank with smoke engine
This is a harmless car prank but it has to be prank carefully. Get a piece of cheese and place it on the radiator or engine cover. When the victim warms up the car, some smoke will be developed as the cheese melt. Make sure you do not place the cheese close to important area such as plug or car battery otherwise real smoke will be developed. LOL.

Smash the car prank

This is one of the greatest pranks to pull on cars at all time but it requires some cost. Let’s say your victim’s car is a Toyota Camry, go to any junk car yards and get a crashed Camry. Replaced the victim’s car with the one you bought from junk car yard. Smash the car few times if you think it is not bad enough. Make sure you choose the same model and exterior color for better effect.