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Are Car Seat Covers Safe


Are car seat covers safe to be used? There are many types of custom car seat covers and car seat protectors available in the market. Some of them are available at very cheap price while some of them come with a high price tag. Regardless of the quality and durability, you should really consider about the safety when it comes to buying a car seat cover or strap covers.

Car Seat Cover Safety Considerations

infant car seat covers safe
Generally, any aftermarket products sold separately from your infant car seat are not recommended to be used. Whether a seat cover or strap cover, it may affect the safety of your infant seat during a crash. Although many products come with a label saying crash tested, there is no way to tell how a car seat cover will change how the seat performs during a crash. It could be safe if it is a minor crash but it could be dangerous if the car crash is serious.

Non-regulated inserts

Non-regulated inserts such as head rest, pillows, and other comfort items are not recommended to be used with infant seats. Many of these items will affect the passenger. These items could push the passenger out of safe position and may cause serious injury. In a nutshell, use rolled up blankets other than non-regulated inserts to give extra support in an infant car seat if it is necessary.

Car Seat Protectors

Most of the car seats come with gripe texture. Often, they are very firm and the gripe may loose if an aftermarket car seat covers is installed. Normally a good infant car seat will not damage your vehicle seat because they are well made. However, a think blanket or towel can be safe to use if you are concerned about spills and dirt. Double check your owner’s manual or call your manufacturer to confirm what is allowed. Usually a think towel or blanket will not affect the safety of your infant seat.

Custom Car Seat Covers

Custom car seat covers might look cute but often they are not safe to be used except those made by the manufacturer. Custom car seat covers may interfere with harness fit and change the distance and speed the head and chest travel in crash. Therefore, they are not recommended to be used. Call the manufacturer or check online to see if they are selling seat covers for your model. Also, do not forget to check with the manufacturer if the car seat covers safe for airbags vehicles.

Other than safety concerns, there are advantages of using car seat covers. For example, it protects your seat from spills and grime. Whether or not a car seat is good depends on your specific situation. In conclusion, are car seat covers safe? The answer is very much depends on your specific situation.