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How Many Miles Do Americans Drive Per Year?


While driving on the road in the United States, have you ever think how many miles do Americans drive per year? Regardless of age group or sex, Americans drive approximately 36.92 miles per day. On average, Americans spend about 44 minutes a day on the road with an average speed of 50 mph. This statistic is taken from a report made in 2016 by Federal Highway Administration, a U.S. Department of Transportation.

Now here’s a chart showing the average annual miles per driver by age group. On average, male drivers drive 6,408 miles more than female drivers in America. The age group that drives the most is in between 20 to 54, while the least are 16-19, as well as 65 years old and above. It’s not surprise to see average American driver clocks 13,476 miles in a year because America is one of the most car countries on earth. Try to look on Google Map and you will realize it’s 3,000 miles from New York City to San Francisco, California. This means American drive more than four times from New York City to San Francisco per year.

Age Male Female Total
16-19 8,206 6,873 7,624
20-34 17,976 12,004 15,098
35-54 18,858 11,464 15,291
55-64 15,859 7,780 11,972
65+ 10,304 4,785 7,646
Average 16,550 10,142 13,476

Chart above is taken from the official website of Federal Highway Administration

Where Americans Drive The Most?

According to another report from FHWA (Federal Highway Administration), Wyoming, Georgia, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Minnesota are the top five states that has the most miles driven in a year. Wyoming has approximately 9,259,967 registered vehicle and the drivers from this state logs 21,821 miles per year. Georgia comes into second place with an average driver drives 18,920 miles and 7,155,006 registered vehicles. The third is Oklahoma state where the drivers clocks 18,891 miles each year. The number of registered vehicles in Oklahoma is 3,014,491. With just 1,528,510 registered vehicles, people in New Mexico is considered drive a lot every year because they logs 18,369 miles per year. The number is almost similar with Oklahoma but the registered vehicles is just half of it. Licensed drivers who live in Minnesota drives 17,887 miles per year with 4,629,940 registered vehicle.

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Where Americans Drive The Least?

People in Alaska drive the least. With 594,399 registered vehicles, they only drives 9,915 miles per year. Next to Alaska is Washington DC, where the licensed drivers clock an average of 10,045 miles every year. The number of registered vehicles in Washington DC is lesser than half of what Alaska has, which is just 242,081. Without surprise Hawaii is one of the states with fewest miles driven annually in America. This is because the entire Hawaii island is just 4,028 square miles. However, the people in Hawaii still drives about 11,104 miles per year with 737,551 registered vehicles. Connecticut and Massachusetts are two states in America where the drivers log fewer miles than others. The average miles per year per driver in both states is nearly 11,600 miles only.

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For certain reasons drivers who live in a small town drive more miles than drivers who live in urban cities. This is because the public transport in small town is not as good as cities. In recent years, people in the cities prefer to use public transport because they are convenience and more economical compared to driving an own car. High fuel price is also another concern. Likewise, there are many things to consider when buying a car, for instances, the maintenance fee, the cost to learn to drive a car, parking lot fees and others.