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Harmless car pranks


Harmless car pranks
Harmless car pranks will bring you a lot of happiness and fun in life because they do not harm the car at all. If someone has pulled a prank on your car before, try out these top ten harmless car pranks we shared here. It can be pulled anytime not just April fool but also New Year Eve or someone else birthday. However, make sure you do not over pull the pranks otherwise harmless will become harmful. Safety always comes first!

1. Pranks with confetti

Confetti is something cheap but very effective to play a prank. Get a pack of confetti for few dollars and place it into the air vents at night. To perform this prank, you will have to get the car key. Make sure the owner of the car doesn’t know anything about this. All confetti will blow out on the next day when the owner turn on the AC.

2. Get some rusty bolt

This is a very simple prank but it will make the driver confuse for sure. Get some rusty bolt and put it under the gas pedal or brake pedal. Get two to three bolts and you can have the driver wondering what is wrong with the car.

3. Give some foreign music

Enter the chosen car, put in a foreign music CD, for example, some crazy Indian songs. Turn the volume to the loudest and switch off the ignition. Your friend will be shocked with the Indian music. Yeah~~ Wer~~ Leh~~

4. It is up for sale cheaply

A great car prank been playing around is to place an advertisement online at cars for sale portal with an extremely cheap price. Your friend will then receive lots of calls from potential buyers. This prank is harmless but make sure you do not publish a price that is way too low than market price.

5. Flat tire

This is the simplest prank to pull on a car. Locate the valve stem on the tire and rotate the valve stem cap anti-clockwise to remove the cap. Press on the metal pin inside the stem and the air will be released from the tire. Put back the valve stem cap and treat it like nothing happen.

6. Where the hell is my car?

To perform this prank, you will either need to steal the key or have a spare key. Drive away your friend’s car and park it at some other place without his knowledge. Just stay and wait to hear “Where the hell is my car?”

7. Disappearing car prank

We shared the Disappearing car prank video before. You may go through the video and see how to pull the prank.

8. Change the car color

Do you know there is a washable spray paint available for sale in the market? Yes, get the spray and repaint your friend’s car with a brand new color. At first he may not able to locate his car and then he will shout “What happened to my car??” Don’t worry, it can be washed.

9. Create fake engine problems

To make the car owner feels really shock, get a bottle of coolant and splash it all around the radiator. If you are pulling a prank with Ferrari or Lamborghini, wait until you see his reaction.

10. The side mirror is broken!

Get into the car, put down the driver side windscreen and place some windscreen fragments on the driver seat. This is to create a car theft situation! Don’t worry, these the top ten harmless car pranks that won’t hurt the car or driver.