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Funny car pranks


Funny car pranks
Life can be happier with some funny car pranks that do not harm the car or the driver. Here we have shared some funny car prank ideas that you can pull on a car anytime with anyone especially April Fools Day. These car pranks are funny, harmless, and safe to pull on any cars.

Fake accident prank

This is a very simple prank but funny to pull on a car especially luxury car. Get a note and write “Hey man, I am so sorry that I have just smashed your car. I will pay for the cost to repair the rear bumper, signal lights, and rear lamps. However, I am in hurry now and I have some urgent work to do. Please call me back and we will work out the settlement.” Just leave this note on the windscreen and the victim will definitely feel odd! Jump out when you see the victim’s face changed.

Little prank that makes everything work by itself

First get the car key from the victim without his knowledge. Get into the car and turn on all the control including wipers, signals, air-condition (turn to the coldest during winter and hottest during summer), and car stereo (turn the volume to maximum). You can also adjust the seat, both side mirrors, rear mirrors to make it more interesting. This will make the victim panic for at least 10 minutes when he gets into the car.

Fake flat tire that shock!

This fake flat tire prank can be pulled at any car park. Get a few balloons, fill them up and place it beside the tires. Once the car moves, the wheels will flatten the balloon and the driver will be shocked with “Boom”. One out of 100 victims will get down from the car and check out what had happened. This may be the best car park prank ever!

Post it note car prank
post it note car prank
Post it note car prank is a funny one to pull but it requires some efforts. All you need to do is to prepare a lot of notes and post it on the victim’s car. It requires at least an hour to make it really fun. Therefore, perform it at night time will be great. The targeted car will look awesome once they have been posterized.

Pranks to make the car shake

Get a few small rocks (make sure it is not too big) and glue them to the tire in between the tire tread. It is best to do this prank during night time when the victim is sleeping because the glue take sometime to set. On the next day morning, the car will shake itself when it moves. We highly recommend pulling this prank to someone who always claims their driving skill is good. Remember, safety always come first. Check out harmless car pranks if these funny car pranks are too less for you.