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16 Used Cars to Avoid

Here’s the list of 16 used cars to avoid in your entire life. These cars are voted as the worst used cars according to consumer reports and some other sources from the internet. Some feedback are collected from related forums and blogs. They are written by drivers who actually using the cars. Well, these used cars might not be as bad as described but there are many negative comment about them, it is better to avoid them as used cars except you really tight on budget.

1. Chevrolet Aveo
A used Chevrolet …

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Difference Between Automatic and Manual Cars

It’s not embellish to say that many people don’t really know the exact difference between automatic and manual cars. Take an example of the answer we get from a random drive who have been driving an automatic cars with a valid driving license for 3 years, “You don’t have to worry much about driving an automatic car. I usually put the gear selector to D and just drive it. For manual cars, it is quite troublesome because you have to deal with the clutch and shift gears all the time.” …

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Top 10 Cool Girl Cars

Ladies, l-l-ladies, baby, honey, tell me where you get these cool girl cars? Being a teenage girl, it is a must to get a cool car that suits your look, your age, and your needs. There are so many types of cars out there and you don’t want to drive a car that makes you look ugly. Drive a cool car that makes you look as good as in bikini. If you have no idea of what the cool girl cars are, starts with the list below. On the other …

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How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Faster

Have you ever wondered how to make your car payment go down or how to pay off your car loan faster? If you do, you should really check out how the smart people deal with their loans. According to a research, 70% of people sign up for car loans to buy their new cars. Often, these car loans take almost one-third of their monthly income and they last for at least 48 months up to 84 months. If you feel like you are paying a lot of interest for no …

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What Your Car Says about You (Part 2)

This is part 2 of What Your Car Says about You. Hit the link and you can go back to What Your Car Says About You (Part 1). In part 1, we talked about what your car color says about you. In this part, we are going to talk about what your car brand says about you. Audi, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Volvo and Jeep, what is your favorite car brand?