Nissan Leaf: Electric Car With No Gas Needed
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Nissan Leaf: Electric Car With No Gas Needed


Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Nissan Leaf is believed the world’s first affordable electric car. No emission, no exhaust tailpipe, and no gasoline is needed. We say “the” is because Nissan Leaf is currently the one and only practical electric car available in the automobile market today. From the exterior, the Leaf looks like an ordinary gasoline-powered car. The only thing couldn’t find from the exterior is the exhaust tailpipe and gas cap. Let’s forget about our ordinary car reviews. Today, we will talk about LEAF – Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, and Family car.

Nissan Leaf Electric Motor
Nissan Leaf Electric Motor – It looks like an ordinary combustion engine but it has 100 miles range per charge.

Leading: The five-door hatchback electric car was first introduced in Japan and the U.S two years ago in 2010. Technology find in the Leaf is relatively new. It is powered by an advanced 80kW AC synchronous electric motor that can go an estimated 100 miles range on a single charge without need a single drop of gas. The AC electric motor produces 107hp and 207 lb-ft of torque that makes the car fun to drive and easy to handle. The replacement of the electric motor with traditional gasoline-powered engine brings a brand new driving experience – quiet and smooth drive without any vibration or noise from the engine. Nissan LEAF uses 48 lithium ion battery modules which provide more power and with less weight compared to nickel-metal hydride batteries that is commonly used in hybrid cars. These batteries are stored under the floor boards and nicely hidden in order to create more space for the cabin. The reduced battery weight and the entire design of the car allow it to accelerate up to an impressive top speed of 90mph.

Environmentally friendly: Nissan Leaf owners no longer need to stop at any gas station to fill up. Their house is the best charging station. With no combustion needed to power the car, it produces zero emission and definitely an environmentally friendly eco car. There will not be any air pollution if everyone in the town is driving a Leaf.

Affordable: With no gasoline needed in the future, Nissan Leaf is starting at $35,200 MSRP for the basic SV model. Consumer can also go for Nissan Leaf SL model which starting at $37,250 MSRP. The SL model has everything SV model features but it comes with extra features such as quick charge port, fog light, RearView Monitor System, Photovoltaic solar-panel rear spoiler, and cargo cover. One major concern electric car owners always have is the battery lifespan. Nissan USA provides 36-month/36,000-mile basic coverage and an 8-year guarantee or 100,000 miles Lithium-Ion Battery coverage. Yes, that’s eight years on the battery itself. That’s why we said it is affordable!

Family car: Nissan Leaf or The Electric Car has a spacious cabin to carry five adults comfortably. Second row is design to fit 3 passengers. Legroom at the back is roomy even for tall passengers. Once again, it is an affordable electric-powered family car.
Nissan Leaf Cargo
Nissan Leaf Cargo – The space can fit the sixth passenger!

Fuel Economy Electric Economy

The EPA estimates Nissan LEAF has the equivalent of 92 mpg highway and 106 mpg city. The amount is currently one of the best cars consumers are able to get in the market.

How much is a Nissan Leaf in Japan?

The price of the Nissan Leaf electric car inJapanstarts at ¥3.76 million (approximately US$47,000 as of August 2012).

Nissan Leaf’s competitor or similar cars

Nissan Townpod Concept, Citroen C-Zero, Mitsubishi I MiEV, Chevrolet Volt, Honda Fit EV, Ford Focus Electric, Tesla Model S, Coda Sedan, and Ford Th!nk.


In a nutshell, the Nissan Leaf requires no gasoline to travel up to 100 miles per charge; it is affordable to purchase at less than $40,000; the charging station is not any gas station but your home; it is able to carry five passengers comfortably; it’s a zero emission electric car with 280 Nm of torque; the cost to run the electric car is super cheap. Most important, Nissan Leaf is the first mass produced electric car that anyone and everyone can buy. What else to expect? If your choice is electric car, go ahead, we will vote for the Nissan LEAF for sure.

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