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Walmart car battery prices


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As far as I know, Walmart car battery prices may vary depending on the store location. Customers may end up paying different price for a same battery at different store location. I came across this because I am a regular customer of Walmart. Walking into their automotive store and check out the car battery prices has become one of my hobby. Surprisingly, many people actually do not know Walmart is selling car battery and has hundreds of different types of batteries sitting in their store. Moreover, Walmart car battery prices are often cheaper than some other stores especially during promotions period.

Walmart car batteries can be found under Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express section. In Walmart store, one of the most sought-after car battery brands is the EverStart. This is because EverStart batteries are exclusively available only in Walmart. EverStart offers a few types of lead acid batteries that are suitable to use for cars, trucks, SUVs, or heavy-duty vehicles at affordable price with great performance. Many of the EverStart batteries provide adequate starting power that meets manufacturer’s specifications and suitable for all-weather climates.

Warranty wise, some of the batteries such as EverStart 96R, 86FT, 36-R-3, 51R-4, 58R-3, 51-4, and 41-4 comes with 24 months free replacement. Consumers who prefer a little bit more security have an alternative to try another famous battery which is Champion. Most of the Champion car batteries come with a 36-month free replacement warranty including Champion CHAM-24F, CHAM-65N, CHAM-75N, CHAM-H6, CHAM-34N, CHAM-35N, and others. In the recent years, some of the warranty period has dropped to just 12 months. This is one reason why there are some car batteries come with only one-year warranty. Other than EverStart and Champion, Walmart sells EXIDE, BOSCH, DieHard, and AAA. All these batteries are manufactured by few famous manufacturers including Johnson Controls, East Penn, JCI, and Exide.

Besides car batteries, Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express section also has some other parts that are important to maintain a car well. These include battery charger, battery box to protect the battery, booster cables, heavy-duty battery terminal, battery cables, jump start cables, and battery monitor.

When is the best time to buy a car battery from Walmart?

The best time to buy a car battery from Walmart is when a particular store is clearing out the overstock battery, which means a great promotion or a good discount. This happens when a manager lowers the price for a particular item to clear stock. In order to know when will be a next promotion, it is recommended to join Walmart customer mailing list.

Why buy from Walmart?

  • Without doubt, Walmart provides one of the most convenient ways to get a car battery replaced.
  • Walmart provides a free installation by professionals.
  • Walmart offers a core charge – they take in old battery and a discount will be given on the new battery.
  • Prices for batteries in Walmart are from $29 up to $350 depending on the brand, model, performance, and size.

In conclusion, Walmart has over 2,400 stores across United States. As a Walmart customer, I used to charge my car battery at one of the store in L.A. for just $2.50 when my car alternator is giving problems. How convenient it is! If you have never buy a battery from Walmart, ill strongly suggest you to do that at least once.