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How to find out who owns a car by the license plate number


license plate number
Do you know that you can actually perform a license plate search to find out the owner of any cars? Tracing any license plate numbers is no longer something hard with advance technology we have today. There are a few websites provide license plate lookup services online. Some of them are free while some of them are with reasonable price. A free search is good enough to tell you who own the car by the searching license plate number or the registration number. License plate lookup services can be very useful especially if you are involved in a hit-and-run accident. All you need to do is bring out your phone and capture the license plate number.

In the UK, the most trusted website to perform a license plate lookup is dft.gov.uk – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). DVLA is a government-owned website that consists of millions of vehicles information in their database. You can check a vehicle details through their online portal or by telephone.

In the US, a privately owned website that helps people to find out the owner of any vehicles is DMV.org. Other than owner’s identity, you can also search for vehicle history reports, criminal records, court records, vital records, traffic tickets, driving records, suspended license and anything that is related to a vehicle. FromTexastoFloridatoCalifornia, the website covers all states in America.

In certain situations, the Federal law in theU.S.protects any citizen from obtaining the owner’s identity of any vehicle if you are not able to provide a good reason. If a car hit you or your vehicle and run off, you should go to a nearest police station and log a report. Local police are able to help you to trace the owner and look for compensation. This is the best, safest and free way, why not?

There are times where we need to find out the owner of a car, for example, a suspicious car is parked in your neighborhood for a long time or you saw someone texting while driving or drive crazily in your town. Although there are many reverse license plate searches online, the best way is still go to the local police station, department of motor vehicles, or local government authorities.