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Sexy and Pretty girls from Bangkok Motor Show


Girls from Bangkok Motor Show

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Visitors flew a few thousand miles to join the 33rd Bangkok Motor Show for two things – the debut of new cars and the pretty girls. Apart from automobiles, the show became more colorful as the Challenger Hall is lured by a huge number of sexy and pretty girls at every booth including Toyota, Lexus, Chevy, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and others. Sweet, cool, sexy, pretty, beautiful, adorable, elegant, professional, and delicious. What else we can describe them? Cameras keep flashing on these models and so do ours. Here we have brought some pictures back to our readers.

Sweet girls motor show
Show car girls from Mitsubishi say “LOVE”.

Show car girls
Volvo presents their girls in black elegant clothes. Pleasingly ingenious and simple, aren’t they?

show girl on bike
Apart from cars, several new BMW bikes are lured by pretty girls too. Simply walk to BMW booth at number 41, you will see this lovely show girl on a BMW C600 Sport Scooter.

hot car hot girls
Hot car, hot girls. Look at the curve… of the race car.

sweet girls
A professional model at Mazda booth is posting for Carsut.

If we are going to nominate to the show as below:

  1. Most Beautiful
  2. Most Adorable
  3. Most Sexy
  4. Most Elegant
  5. Most Delicious
  6. Best Smile
  7. Coolest Girls

Who will you vote for? Of course it can always more than two.