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Car Battery, Video »

[cvg-video videoId=’12’ width=’570′ height=’333′ mode=’playlist’ /]
This is a ~two-minute video showing you how to test a car battery using a car battery tester (voltmeter or volt gauge). The voltmeter has a digital reading and it comes with a universal car cigarette lighter power plug. Make sure you have left your car in the garage more than 12 hours if you want an accurate result.
Step 1: Locate your car cigarette lighter power socket.
Step 2: Connect the voltmeter to your cigarette lighter socket.
Step 3: Turn on the ignition.
Step 4: The first reading …

Car Battery »

In the market today, there are many types of car battery tester available from the cheapest $10 up to few hundred dollars. The reason some battery testers with higher price tag is they have extra capabilities including higher measurement range, bad cell detection, high/low voltage to test both the battery and starter. Some advance tester provide high amp charging function and engine start assistance too. However, as a normal user, we normally just need a battery tester that shows the available voltage power.
Here we have go a cheap car battery …

Car Reviews, Perodua »

Thanks to Madam Teoh who invited our used car review team to check on her 2009 Perodua Myvi. Teoh purchased her car on 27th June 2009 when the Perodua Myvi entered its fourth best selling year inMalaysia. Teoh decided to purchase the 1.3L EZi automatic “Premium” edition among 1.3L SX, 1.3L EZ, and 1.3L SXi because it has extra options including ABS, alloy rims, and front fog lamps. The door armrests and door pull handles are also painted, unlike the SX and EZ that remains unpainted and looks unmatched with …