Honda Civic: 100K km does no harm
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Honda Civic: 100K km does no harm


Honda Civic
We have finally formed our used car review team and we named it “Carsut UCR”. A BIG thanks to Isabella who had allowed us to review and test drive her 2008 Honda Civic. Not to mentioned she is also our first “customer”. Isabella bought her car on June 2008. It is the eighth generation model that was introduced in 2006. It is also known as FD2, FA1, FG1, FG2, FA5, FK or FN. Isabella’s model is the 1.8S-L version that she bought for RM119,995.30.

With RM30K down payment, Isabella pays roughly RM1,715 a month for a five-year loan. One reason she invited us to check on her car is because she is deciding to trade-in the car for a new one as it just touches 100,500 KM. With the owner’s permission, we are allowed to “rape” the car. We drove it to the highway and tested the car up to 165 km/h. Without a surprise, the car was running steady and stable up to about 160 km/h. We felt the car start to wobble slightly when the speed reached above 165 km/h.
Honda Civic meter


It is a handsome ride that most of the people will love when they see it. It looks young and energetic with various powertrains. It has a real nice interior that looks smooth like silk. The four-cylinder 16 valve chain-driven SOHC and DOHC i-VTEC is giving sufficient power to the car. The 1.8-liter engine made 140 hp and maximum torque at 174Nm@4,300 rpm. As for the 2.0-liter engine, it made 155 hp and maximum torque at 188Nm@4,500 rpm. The 1.8-liter engine (Isabella’s model) is enough to bring the car up hill nicely although there are rumors that it is underpowered. However, you can go anytime for the super hot Type R version if you need more power.

Car Maintenance and Car Care

Well, never underestimate girl’s car. Isabella followed strictly the maintenance schedule written in the Honda Civic owner’s manual. She sends the car to Honda for oil change, oil filter change, and engine clean up every 5,000 km. Generally, she uses 10W-30 engine oil for the car but once awhile she will try on 5W-20 or 5W-30 from Mobil 1.

The car we were viewing appeared to be clean and shining. It is apparent that the owner takes good care of the car. According to Isabella, she sends the car to car wash once a week and detailing the car once a month. Isabella owns the car for almost four years and these are the major things that she spent to maintain the car over the hundred thousand km.

  • Engine oil, oil filter, air filter and labour charges: RM3,000 for about 15 times of services.
  • Tires replacement: RM1,500 for four Goodyear tires.
  • Car alignment and balancing: RM60 x 4 times.
  • Spark plug: RM80. She only changed once the spark plug in four years.
  • Transmission fluid: RM80 once for 40,000 KM.
  • AC gas refilling: RM50
  • Other Problems: Nothing much happened over the years and Isabella did not spend much to maintain the car. During the fourth year, the AC compressor pulley started to give problem. The air-condition blows hot air during traffic jam and that cost Isabella RM950 to replace a new one from Honda. She has to pay from her own pocket because the warranty for the car was only three years. This is the biggest amount money she spent throughout the ownership.

Fuel Economy

27 city/38 highway mpg; 11 km/liter for city drive and 16 km/liter for highway drive. As of 2012, RON95 petrol is RM1.90 a liter, it will take RM0.17 for a km.

What is good about the car?

There are a lot of good things about the Civic. Fuel economy is in fact the biggest attraction. Leather seats are comfortable. Handling is great especially negotiating corners and on wet road. As you can see from what Isabella has spent over the years, Honda Civic parts are relatively cheap too.

Honda Civic rear view

From front to back, the boot/trunk is huge enough for three to four mid-size luggages. The interior is spacious and it fits five big-size adults adequately. Although the built-in stereo in the car is factory made, the quality of the sound is good.

What is not so good about the car?

When we looked through the interior carefully, the plastic material is not good as we can see some cracks on the logo. The original carpet is not of good quality. The one we were viewing had been replaced after four years.
Honda Logo


  • Malaysia: Honda Civic comes in three different versions: the simple and basic 1.8S model (RM114,995.30), the model with leather seat 1.8S-L (RM119,995.30), and the hotter 2.0S (RM130,995.30).
  • United States: Honda Civic Hybrid MSRP from $24,050; Honda Civic Natural Gas MSRP from $26,155; Honda CivicSedan MSRP from $15,805; Honda Civic Si Coupe MSRP from $22,205; Honda Civic Si Sedan MSRP from $22,405.
  • United Kingdom: Honda Civic EX 1.8 i-VTEC inUK would have cost £23,130 OTR.

Honda Civic’s competitor or similar cars

Toyota Corolla (They have been enemies for many years), Kia Forte, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Polo, Chevrolet Cruze, Mazda3, Peugeot 308, and Nissan Sylphy.


A 100,000 km on a Honda Civic does no harm to the car if the car is maintained well according to maintenance schedule. It is worth to purchase and can be used for few more years. Honda, The Power of Dreams.

Honda Civic side view Honda Civic Honda Civic side view Honda Civic Interior

Honda Civic interior Signal indicator  Honda Civic Seat