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Mitsubishi Mirage – Video you don’t want to miss


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This video is about the all-new Mitsubishi Mirage that recently launched in Thailand and soon will be available in several countries in Asia. There is no news saying this car will be available in the United States but a small car with 51.75 mpg (22 km/l) fuel economy is worth to spend two minutes to have a look, isn’t?

In the video, you can clearly see the design from front to back at the first 40 seconds. This is one main thing which decides whether you will like the car or not. At 00:42, that is the interior of the top ranging model, the GLS Ltd version. It comes with dual airbags, KOS (Keyless Operation System), automatic air-conditioning display, a multimedia screen with navigation system. The car looks pretty simple but equipped with everything a city car should has.

At 01:04, that is a clear view of the Mirage’s back seat. Well, some said it is too small while some says it is “acceptable”. Check out the video and you can have your own verdict on this car. You can also see the trunk size at 01:13. Back seats are foldable and it creates more rooms for large items incase there is a need. Many buyers confuse about the prices and versions, see Mitsubishi Mirage details and specifications for more details. At 01:19, you can see the interior of the cheapest version. It comes with manual air-conditioning and without USB port.

Last but not least, enjoy the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine that achieves 22 km/l. Mitsubishi Mirage, Be More!