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18 Cheap Cars to Build Fast (Part 2)

This is part 2 of 18 Cheap Cars to Build Fast, click here to read part 1: 18 Cheap Cars to Build Fast.
6. Mazda MX-5 Miata

The latest Mazda MX-5 Miata costs nearly $25,000 but you can get 5-year-old MX-5 Miata for less than $10,000 or a 10 year-old MX-5 Miata for less than $5,000. Many Mazda fans purchase a used Miata and rebuild them to a real fast car. The original engine under the hood of a 2011 Mazda Miata has at least 167 hp and 140 pound-feet or torque. …

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43 Strange & Funny Car Names

Corolla, Civic, Accord, Mustang, Fusion, Reventon, Prius, Cooper, Cobra, Corvette, CR-V, Altima, and Camry should be those common car names you know. However, do you know there are thousands of car names out there since the first car invented? Check out the full list of car names here and you will be surprised that there are actually a lot of strange, weird, bizarre, ridiculous, unfortunate, bad and funny car names. Daihatsu named one of their car Naked and that’s not the funniest car names. Check out the list and you …

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This video is about the all-new Mitsubishi Mirage that recently launched in Thailand and soon will be available in several countries in Asia. There is no news saying this car will be available in the United States but a small car with 51.75 mpg (22 km/l) fuel economy is worth to spend two minutes to have a look, isn’t?
In the video, you can clearly see the design from front to back at the first 40 seconds. This is one main thing which decides whether you …

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During the launching of the Mitsubishi Mirage, we mentioned that the car comes in four different trim levels. Today at the Bangkok International Motor Show, we have collected more detail specifications for the Mirage. We hope this could help the Thai buyers as well as global buyers (for the future) to have a better understanding for the trim levels. Let’s start from the cheapest to the top option.
GL (M/T) 380,000 baht
The GL features piano black interior which is the same with all other models but the rear seat is …

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The Mitsubishi Mirage is now officially launched in Thailand and the sales will begin end of March. Starting from 380,000 baht, consumers now stand a chance to own an affordable eco car with high fuel consumption at 22 km/l (51.75 mpg), which is among the best in its class. The new Mirage is a brand new idea from Mitsubishi to target the growing small car market in Thailand as well as global markets. It is a small car with more saving, more utilities, more entertainment, more safety, and more colors.
The …