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How Long Do Brake Pads Last


How long do brake pads last? This is a question without a definite answer. This is because the lifespan of brake pads is depending on your car transmission types (automatic transmission or manual transmission), area you are living, and most important, your driving style as well as other factors. Ask yourself the top 5 questions here and you will realize how to make brake pads last longer.

brake pads

How do you drive

Your driving behavior is the most important factor that determines how long can your brake pads last. Your car brake pads erode faster if you are a high speed driver. This is because it takes more kinetic energy to stop a car from 100 mph to 0 mph compared to 40 mph to 0 mph. Besides, people who often brake very hard will see their brake pad rub away faster. So, learn how to drive a car properly can save your brake pads life.

Where do you use the car

If you are living in a hectic city with a lot of cars on the street, it requires a lot of stop-and-go driving. In this case, brakes are applied regularly and that means it won’t last longer compared to someone who drives the same car in a less traffic area.

What type of brake pads you use

You should find out what type of brake pads you are using if you want to know how long do brake pads last. Generally, there are four types of brake pads available in the market and they are organic, semimetallic, metallic and synthetic. Each of them has a different lifespan and price. Organic brake pad is made of non-metallic fibers. It has the best stopping power but that also means it has the shortest lifespan. Semimetallic brake pad is made of organic material and metals therefore it is harder and better for heat resistant. As for metallic brake pads, it is mainly used for motorsport. Synthetic brake pad is also known as ceramic pads. This type of brake pads is lighter, stronger and more expensive than others but they last longer. Ceramic brake pads are commonly seen on high performance cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and others.

What is your transmission types

Your car brake pads can last longer if you drive a manual car and know how to shift gears to control your car speed. Things can’t be changed for people who drive an automatic car. Also, your brake pads will wear out very fast if you often make an automatic car tires spin because of the friction in between the brake pads and brake disc is high.

How often do you use your car

Your brake pad will last for 10 years or more if you only drive it once a month and travel 10 miles from where you live. Obviously, your brake pads are not going to last long if you drive more than 100 miles to your work everyday. Also, your brake pads wear out faster if you often have a lot of passengers in your car because it uses more force to stop a heavier car. Empty your trunk and that can save your brake pads life as well as giving you a better gas mileage.

How to make brake pads last longer

In general, a set of brand new brake pads that works with disc brakes can last in between 25,000 miles and 60,000 miles (40,000 km and 96500 km). The variables are so wide and it is an indefinite science. In conclusion, how long do brake pads last has nothing to do with the pads directly. It is very much related to your driving behavior. It is time to change your driving habits if you feel you are changing your brake pads very often. It is vital to understand cars and drive better.