Nissan March: The Cheapest Nissan Cars To Own In Thailand
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Nissan March: The Cheapest Nissan Cars To Own In Thailand


Nissan March
Starting from 380,000 baht (US$12,500), the Nissan March is the cheapest brand new Nissan you can buy in Thailand. In the U.S., it is known as Nissan Micra. It isn’t odd that the same car has few different names in different places. What is more important is, if it is worth to own one?

The youthfulness March features a 1.2-liter engine (HR12DE) that develops 79 horsepower and 106 nm at 4,400 rpm. Thanks to the high torque output at low engine speeds, the car accelerates well and it gives good fuel consumption. The most stunning thing about the March is the 4.5 meters turning radius that makes it easy to turn. Together with the windscreen design that has great visibility, it makes the hardest parallel parking become easy. Without doubt, it is cute and most suitable for city use especially in a city like Bangkok.

Nissan March rear view

At the moment, the Nissan March is available in eight variants including:

1.2 S MT: 380,000 baht

The 1.2 S MT does not come with intermittent wipers, rear wiper, rear defogger, power window, power fold door mirrors, electric adjustable door mirrors, central lock, map lamp, and Tonneur cover where all other variants have. Buyers do not get any stereo or speakers in the car too. It is basically considered as a no-frills car that is able to bring its passenger from one place to another. However, it has the most important safety feature which is the SRS airbag. The entry level always has something missing. But if these things do not bother you at all, it will be good to save a few thousand baht compared to other variants. Without these features, the car is lighter and it will give a better mileage.

The reason most buyers feel uncomfortable with the cheapest model is its outlook. The front grill, door handle, and side mirror are painted in black which does not match with the body color. It makes the car look ugly and indirectly tell others “This is the cheapest model”.

1.2 E MT: 430,000 baht

Top up another 50K baht, you will get the most complete manual version of the Nissan March. Those features you cannot find in the S MT are available in the E MT except power foldable door mirrors which are only available in EL CVT, VL CVT, and both sports versions. The front grill is chrome too, like the pictures here.

Nissan March

1.2 E CVT: 464,000 baht

The E CVT is the basic model for buyers who prefer an automatic transmission.

1.2 EL CVT: 494,000 baht

What separates the EL from the E are some special options including the intelligent multi-display meter, immobilizer, push start button, reverse sensor, and automatic foldable mirror. This is the same for VL and V.

1.2 V CVT: 512,000 baht

The interior for the V CVT and VL CVT is more beautiful. That is what the extra thing you pay for. Both the steering wheel and the gear knob are decorated with silver plate which make it look a little more high-class in this small car. The V/VL/VL Sports model also features a set of 15” x 5.5J alloy wheel where all others are using 14” steel wheel and it is covered with a nicely designed wheel cover.


1.2 VL CVT: 542,000 baht

The VL is the top option for the Nissan March. The extra 30K baht allows the buyer to get a pair of power foldable door mirrors, automatic air conditioner adorned with silver plate, assisted SRS airbag, and five special options mentioned earlier.

1.2 EL CVT and 1.2 VL CVT (Sports Version)

The sports version for 1.2 EL CVT is priced at 515,800 baht and the 1.2 VL CVT is priced at 563,800 baht. Both are designed by Autech, a professional tuner of Nissan cars. It features two-tone black-grey fabric seat, black front grille, Sports version bumper and sports version emblem.

Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption is 47 mpg or 20 km/l.

Nissan March’s competitor or similar cars: Chevrolet Aveo, Honda Brio, Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Toyota Vios, Nissan Cube, Suzuki Swift, and Mazda 2.

From negotiating corners to straight road driving, the Nissan March will always be the choice for people who want a fun Eco car to drive with low monthly payment.

Nissan March side view Nissan march interior and seats price list