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How to Do a Burnout

It’s vital to know what is burnout before you learn how to do a burnout. Burnout is about sending a serious amount of horsepower to the wheels of your car to make them spin. Once your wheels spin at a high frequency, it will start burn the tires and cause a lot of smoke. So, what is the purpose behind burnout since it is all about burning rubber? The purpose of burnout is to heat up the tires to get a better traction. That’s the reason burnout can frequently be …

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How to Make an Automatic Car Tires Spin

Now this is going to be an interesting driving skill to learn – how to make an automatic car tires spin. Once you have mastered the skill to spin car tires, you can do a burnout in any cars with automatic transmission. Generally, spinning car tires is all about sending some serious horsepower to the wheels of your car. If you have extra pocket money to burn tires, check out the step by step guide to spin an automatic car tires and perform a burnout.
How to Spin an Automatic Car

First …