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Funny Car Commercials: Valet Parking Crashed Customer’s Supercars

We found a very funny car commercials from Youtube. A wealthy man drove his Mercedes-Benz SL500 AMG Sport Convertible to a 5-star hotel. The valet parking then crashes his car right in front of him. Everyone think he was suppose to get mad, but things didn’t turn out that way… Check this video out!

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21 Strangest Car Accidents and Crashes

Check out the 21 strangest car accidents and crashes happened around the world if you believe everything happens for a reason. The photos of these car accidents will leave you stunned. You will wonder how did it happened. There are cases when a car ended up in a swimming pool, when a pickup-truck flipped over and landed on a roof top, and when a dump truck flicked and stand on the road like a Transformer Optimus Prime. Read through how these crashes happened and you will be astonished at least …